Nasirov is no longer detained, but to leave the courthouse may not

March 5, Solomenskiy district court of Kiev has continued to elect a measure of restraint Nasirova. The measure Nasirova was not elected.

By 10: 00 the head of the State fiscal service of Ukraine Roman Nasirov was taken to court.

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Later in the meeting Solomensky court on election of a measure of restraint for Nasirova was adjourned because the defence Nasirov said the withdrawal of judge Alexander Bobrivnyk.

NABU urged judges to urgently consider the petition for election measures of restraint Nasirova.

Meanwhile, the representatives of “Automaidan” blocked the exit from the building in Solomensky district court of Kyiv, where the head of the State fiscal service (GFS) Roman Nasirov. At the gate of the court, the activists set two vehicles.

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The National anti-corruption Bureau said: “the Detectives NAB and prosecutors SAP remain in court or before the resumption of the proceedings and of satisfaction of the petition for election measures of restraint, or prior to the expiration of the period of detention, which expires today at 23.00”.

In the NAB noted that while consideration of the petition for election of a preventive measure the court is obliged to ensure the availability of another judge in the case of the statement of the petitions for disqualification of the judge who hears the case. However, instead of additional judges in the court came to the press-Secretary of the institution, who told reporters about the postponement on Monday.

Meanwhile, near the building of the Solomenskiy district court on Voznesensky descent gathered about 200 people, including community activists and ordinary citizens who came to the court to continue consideration of the petition for election Nasirova measure.

The protesters had intended to prevent his escape from the court after 23.00, when will expire period of his temporary detention.


The National anti-corruption Bureau (NAB) has not confirmed the information of lawyers of the head of the State fiscal service of the Roman Nasirov about the alleged impending new suspicion against him, since Sunday night is the deadline of detention and a preventive measure.

In turn, at a briefing at the building of the Solomenskiy district court of Kyiv the Prosecutor SAP Andrei Perov said that the Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office has no information about other criminal proceedings against ousted SFS head of the Roman Nasirov, for which it would be possible to declare another suspect.

“I don’t know about the other proceedings by which Novel Nasirova would be declared suspicious, said Perov. – When will the 72 hours allotted by the law to arrest, I can’t, have no right to restrict his movement.”

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Meanwhile, activists of “National housing” come home to the Chairman of Solomensky court Lyudmila Sheremet’evoy and urged her to arrive to the workplace to unlock the trial in relation to the head of the SFS of the Roman Nasirov. Representatives of the “Nazarus” talked Sheremet’evoy through the closed apartment door.

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And under the courthouse in Kiev, where the President of the SFS of the Roman Nasirov has still not elected a measure of restraint, gathered the people’s representatives and social activists. They demanded to hold a meeting of the court and blocked a possible export Nasirova from the building.


Blocking members stated that the purpose of the protest – not to allow to take Nasirova from the courthouse. Also, the participants of the rally demanded the appointment of duty judges, which will consider the petition of protection Nasirova on the withdrawal of Bobrivnyk and assign another judge to chose a measure of restraint.

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The building Solomenska district court from the Lviv area came three buses with myguardian.

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Activists blocked all the exits from the courthouse, which is Nasirov.

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Close to midnight, in the premises of the Solomenskiy district court came the wife Nasirov. Under the cries of “shame,” she’s accompanied by several men came into the room Solomyansky district court.

Later it became known that the head of the SFS intends to make an official statement. For this purpose, according to the lawyer, the head of the SFS was invited to the court of the head of the Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office of Nazar Golodnitsky and the head of NABOO Artem Sytnik.

Meanwhile, at midnight on March 6 expired 72 hours allotted by the law for the detention of the head of the SFS of the Roman Nasirov.

The court never chose a measure of restraint to the chief attorney of Ukraine, the NAB stated that the new suspect to the Nasirova no.

Prosecutors SAP, the employees of the NABU and the doctors left the courthouse.

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One of the lawyers of the Roman Nasirov Alexander Lysak read out a statement by the head of the SFS, which stated that his client believes himself to be free and agrees to the limitation of their rights and the control of the NABOO and the ARS.

“Considering the public outcry that arose around this case, he intends to show initiative and otherwise demonstrate a willingness to cooperate with the investigation and without any doubt – not to leave the Ukraine. He does not consider himself guilty. Thus, to avoid any speculation he agrees to a temporary restriction of their constitutional rights, to allow employees NABU and SAP around the clock observable, i.e. either in the hospital or in the home, until the decision of the investigating judge,” said the defender.

The lawyer read out a statement Nasirov, photo Anton Komarov/Today

After otstroennaya GFS Novel Nasirova said that he is free, he tried to get up and leave, but the lawyers held it, said the first Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on taxation and customs policy Andriy Zhurzhiy (fraction “Samopomich”) at the courthouse.

“When employees NABOO Nasirov announced that he is free to move freely, he tried to get out of bed immediately, but the lawyers asked him to lie, because it is still early,” – said Zhurzhiy.

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Now, according to him, lawyers Nasirov asked the NAB to announce the conduct of any investigative actions that he might take out from the premises of the court

At the same time, the activists did not intend to diverge and planned to remain in court until 9:30 in the morning when you can begin a meeting.

The protesters said that the suspect is ready to provide everything necessary to await the decision of the court.

Meanwhile Nasirov remains in the courthouse, which tried to “see” the drone.

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Later, the head of SAP Nazar Golodnitsky said that while in the courtroom, where is now the head of the SFS Roman Nasirov, will not come.

And he suspect malpractice the head of the SFS Roman Nasirov said that he was not going to leave the country.

Roman Nasirov in an interview said he wants to attend the court and defend their interests.



We will remind, on March 2, Novel Nasirova handed suspicion. During this time he became ill. According to lawyers, the suspect was delivered when the President of the SFS was already unconscious, which is illegal.

Roman Nasirov is suspected of abuse of office and embezzlement of public funds in the amount of over UAH 2 bn. The consequence considers that Nasirov, acting in the interests of the Deputy Onishchenko, the “gas business” were arbitrarily granted a number of enterprises the possibility of tax liabilities in installments.

On 3 March the Cabinet Nasirova was removed from the post of Chairman of the SFS, with responsibilities for the head office to the acting Deputy head of the GFS Miroslav Sold.

March 4, Nasirova was moved from the “Theophany” in the Institute of cardiology named. Strazhesko for confirmation or refutation of his state of health. However, according to the lawyer Nasirov, the doctors were unable to establish the diagnosis official.