How the nationalization will help Putin to push Ukraine Donbass and around Minsk

On 27 February, the leaders of the terrorist organizations “DNR” and “FSC” said that the demand until March 1 to lift the blockade by activists of the occupied territories. If the embargo is not lifted, there will be external management was introduced at all enterprises of the Ukrainian jurisdiction in the temporarily occupied territories. No sooner said than done. On March 1, “DNR” and “LNR” announced the “nationalization” of Ukrainian enterprises, located in the occupied Donbas. About who is using the blockade in its goals, and why Putin’s nationalization of the “nationalization” of enterprises L/DNR, “Apostrophe” says military expert Oleg Zhdanov.

Unfortunately, in our country a wave of patriotism is always used for commercial purposes. Over time, we understand that independence in the most part was staged, but there is something gone wrong. Then it was only rumours, nobody understood, about what scenarios were discussed. The same thing now. From the point of view of patriotism, the blockade is very much needed. If you take the moral plane, to trade with the invaders is not the case. The idea of the President, the government, had to stand up and say it. Occupied territories, the Geneva Convention that the occupier contains the occupied territories. Close our borders, leave the corridors for the passage of people and all: the question would be removed automatically. But the government, earning on the smuggling of money, on the side of this contraband.

Now on the wave of patriotism is a war of oligarchs, organized by the blockade. It is clear that Akhmetov made friends and found a common language with Poroshenko. All won in Kiev there is an office of “DTEK”, no problem. Work with all plants, increasing electricity prices, increasing each time the margin. If we look at peak prices on electroperu, the price actually has not changed over the last three years. How was trading Ukrainian electricity at 15-20 cents, and sell it to us for almost two hryvnia, and trading. And the margin is increased in proportion, and all this to gain something.

And now the question is, how activists will stand in the struggle with the oligarchs. The blockade also had to organize. In fact, it turns out that fighting two oligarchic clans: the ruling and one that is now in deep opposition, even two (presumably this is a Garden and Kolomoisky). The third clan — NF — took a step to the side. Mean statement Avakov when he was required to perform functional duties in maintaining public order, he took a step back and actually refused to perform functional duties. He demanded that Parliament has given him a written order, when he demanded emergency powers to disperse the blockade, i.e. through a vote in Parliament. Although functional, interior or Natspolitsiya, if you read the law, you must provide public order, if we have no war, no aggressor country (officially), we have ATO, which does not provide for the severance of economic, trade ties with the territories that were in the area of anti-terrorist operation and that outside of it. The idea is that Netpolice has the authority to come to clear the roads, trains skip these, skip these trucks. It is their responsibility to provide transport infrastructure. Avakov is not just doesn’t fit, in my opinion, and now trading for his place.

Now in the Kremlin and used the opportune moment and decided to spend the so-called nationalization — it more fits in the plan of formation of the Federation for future implementation in Ukraine. I see a little different situation. Unlike our leadership Putin — the politician. He bezalternativno no. In politics, if there is no plan A, B, C — you’re not a politician. In this regard, our President plays 150%. Putin is always looking for a way out. He realizes that to push Minsk fails because the process is stalled on the question of the state border. He understands that the pressure from the outside he can’t act. In Syria to turn the tide in their favor, to dictate to US any terms and sit down with them at the negotiating table with any trump in the hand is not turned. Best friend Erdogan has deprived the Russian group only: the ban on transportation through the Strait of dual-use goods have left Russian troops in Syria and fuel and ammunition and food and everything else. All aircraft are able to drop off, then and there. He understands what it takes to find a new way and finds an alternative.

Putin decides to make two regions in the occupied territories Luhansk and Donetsk regions, to form them and push back. The first step is legalization of documents. Moreover, note that in contrast to the Crimea, Abkhazia, Ossetia, Transnistria — there are not issued Russian passports, and local. There is paperwork, and under it formed a legal basis. Local authorities have already been formed, it is necessary to legalize them. Likely to be conducted any mock elections. Under these two authorities represented some statehood army they kind of already have. Russian troops will change the chevrons on the “DNR” and “LNR”, and say: here is the first, second army corps, what little we have already started to forget. What else you need? In order to economy — need industry. And so they started to do the nationalization. When they form these two subjects, namely two, of the “new Russia” will not, they will say: guys, your territory, your people?— take. Why two subjects? Even if Ukraine does not want to change the Constitution and give them special status, special rights in the voice, forming a Federation, the Federation is majority. Ukraine is one but these subjects two. Two against one: how could we not vote, these two votes will be crucial.