How to save the world: all the pros and cons of fluorescent and led light bulbs

Electricity tariffs move up, which prompts us to look for options on how and what to save. And it’s hard to ignore such a consumable, like light bulbs. Especially that so far we their energy costs and so-called “pay for the light.”

One of the ways to pay less for the light to sit in the dark, the second is to replace conventional incandescent bulbs for ones that consume less energy.


The heat lamp bulb can be felt just by holding her hand. In heat, not light, for which you have purchased this product takes most of the consumed lamp power. But if you touch the bulb glowing led bulb — warm imperceptible (almost all the energy goes into light). Hence the saving effect: photo diode array or fluorescent replace incandescent bulbs with power (and power consumption) in 5-8 times more.

STREAM. But, says the seller of one of the Central stores Sergei Lavin, that this “replace” you have to be careful. The benefits of bulb — the amount of light reflected in a specific indicator (see package) — light output. For example, an led light output of 4 W provides a luminous flux 350 LM (lumens). While the packaging says that it is equivalent to incandescent lamp 40W. But the typical luminous flux for conventional light bulbs 40 watts is still 400-420 LM. Similarly, the package of 12 W “svetodiody” (a light output of 920 lumens) argue that it replaces 100 watt incandescent light bulb (typical luminous flux 1200-1350 LM). It is necessary to consider and not to be surprised if economical the light bulb provides a little less light than “model”.

COLOR. Second, he advises to pay attention to the seller, it’s color temperature (K). The higher it is, the whiter and bluer the light bulb. Color flame candle is Familiar to us 1500-2000 K. incandescent lamps have a color temperature of 2200-2800 K. Fluorescent lamps of warm light — 3000 K and cool white 4000 K, etc. Buy a lamp with the color temperature of and will feel uncomfortable, for example — as in the operating room. Another parameter, color rendering index: the extent to which the light from the lamp distorts the perception of color. With a good color rendering index of at least 60, and 80 and above — very good color rendering.


Except for significantly lower current consumption, economical bulbs have another clear advantage over incandescent bulbs — durability. It is measured in hours of work. Much of course depends on the manufacturer, workmanship, operating conditions, etc., but the average lifetime of incandescent bulbs can make 1 thousand hours. The declared service life of compact fluorescent lamps (again depending on manufacturer etc) — 10-15 thousand hours. More durable led light bulb is — 15-30 thousand hours or more (there are cases where declare up to 50 thousand hours). Let us take this Declaration and carry out some estimations.

SERVICE. Fluorescent “housekeeper” with a capacity of 23 watts with a luminous flux equivalent to 100W incandescent lamp, you can buy, for example, 84 UAH. The incandescent lamp of the same capacity manufactured in Belarus buy about 5 UAH, and the German — about 12 UAH. As you can see, the price of “housekeeper” is placed almost 17 Belarusian light bulbs and 7 German. Led light bulb with a power of 18 W in Germany (overlaps luminous flux 100 watts) purchased for UAH 104: this is equivalent to the price of 21 Belarusian or German 9 incandescent bulbs. It is only through life we have a chance to justify a high price for economical light bulbs.

CONSUMPTION. Over 1 thousand hours of operation of a fluorescent lamp it will consume 77 kWh less than the incandescent lamp. Led lamp during this time will save 82 kWh Take, under the current tariff (for consumption more than 100 kWh) is of 1.29 UAH per 1 kWh. the First bulb for 1 thousand hours of work will save us 99,33 UAH, the second — 105,79 UAH. Ie, the savings will cover the purchase price, and will go further “clean plus”. And from 1 March the rate should rise to UAH 1.68 purchased today housekeeper okupaetsya faster. And they are guaranteed for 2-3 years.