Three years of the annexation of Crimea: the lost Ukrainian military-industrial complex and how it restores

These days three years ago, the Russian Federation began the process of annexation of the Crimea, which ended on March 16, 2014 the so-called referendum on the annexation of the Ukrainian Peninsula to Russia. In addition to the territory, Ukraine lost a significant part of the group of security forces: out of 20 thousand soldiers returned to the mainland by only 6 thousand. In addition, in the occupied territories there are about 30 enterprises of the military-industrial complex. The loss of the most unique of them associated with, for example, production of assault ships amphibious, was unable to recover until now.

HOW TO CAPTURE THE CRIMEA. It is considered that the illegal annexation of Crimea started on February 20, 2014, after flight from Ukraine of former President Viktor Yanukovych. After this date in the Crimea broke out separatist actions, and in the night of 27 February, armed men seized government buildings and the Supreme Council of Crimea. On the same day was seized Belbek airport and 28 February began the blockade of Ukrainian military units stationed on the territory of Crimea.

Despite the fact that the armed men had no identification marks, it soon became clear that we are talking about Russian soldiers (later they were called “green men”), and the military intervention in Ukraine sanctioned directly by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. With the help of “little green men”, the Russian side provided the March 16, 2014 the so-called referendum, after which the process of annexation of the Ukrainian Peninsula is almost completed.

WHAT’S BEEN LOST. The seizure of Crimea meant not just the loss of territory. According to the chief military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios, on the Peninsula there were 20 315 soldiers of various armed groups, including 13,5 thousand soldiers and officers of the APU. “Of this amount, from February to may 2014, on the mainland of Ukraine arrived soldiers 6010 APU, machardie, SBU, state border service, the State space Agency and the Department of state protection”, — said Matios.

In addition, according to a member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on national security and defence Dmitry Tymchuk, financial losses, Military-naval forces of Ukraine in connection with the annexation of Crimea, has exceeded 1.5 billion. According to Tymchuk, from the Crimea had to withdraw only three combat vessels, 32 vessels provide, 1438 units of automotive and armored vehicles and 24 aircraft and helicopters. Escaped and the flagship of the Ukrainian Navy, the frigate “Hetman Sahaidachny”, which at the time the annexation was in the cruise and did not return to Sevastopol.

At the same time, the invaders seized 11 combat ships and boats, 6 ships and boats of the providing, 2363 units of automotive, armored and special vehicles, as well as six coastal anti-ship complexes. The sides were the newest Ukrainian battleships — corvettes “Ternopil” and “Lutsk” and missile boat “Dnieper” and “Priluki”.

Also, according to the Director of information and consulting company defense Express Serhiy Zgurets, on the territory of Crimea there are about 30 enterprises of the military-industrial complex of Ukraine. “Take them, no one tried. This question, in the conditions prevailing at the time of total chaos in the minds and actions simply did not rise,” said Sergei Zgurets.

UNIQUE ENTERPRISE. Among these objects Zgurets called the polygon near Cape Chauda, where it was possible to conduct missile firing and to collect data from sites that were tested and fired. Now on this site in full training by the Russian military — they learn to break through air defenses and ground targets. Here are tests of Russian aircraft.

Its pilots Russia trains and a unique training complex “THREAD” that is deployed near the town of Saki. This complex is a simulator for training pilots of carrier-based aircraft takeoff and landing aboard an aircraft carrier. However, even before the annexation of the Crimea “Nitka” was used mostly by the Russian military, according to the terms of the agreement made between Russia and Ukraine. For the Mat, this complex was not applicable.

The “THREAD”. Used by the Russian military for training pilots of carrier-based aircraft

Another unique enterprise became Feodosia shipbuilding company (FGC) “Sea” produces amphibious ships amphibious hovercraft “bison”. In 2008, the Ukrainian side has signed with China a contract worth $320 million, covers the delivery of four “Bison”. The first such ship was launched in April 2013. In the same year it was planned to send to China one more “Zubr”. Two amphibians under the terms of the contract, was supposed to be built on the territory of the PRC.

According to Serhiy Zgurets, the Russian side will be very difficult to establish the production of ships amphibians in the Crimea. Because gas turbine installations, which are equipped with these vessels, constructed at the Nikolaev enterprise “Zorya-Mashproekt”. However, the same applies to Ukraine: even with the Nikolaev shipbuilding enterprises, we are unlikely to return to the production of “Bison”.

In turn, Dmitry Tymchuk believes that the most significant for us was the loss of the parachute production. In particular, in the same Theodosius was the company “Advanced technologies of the parachute”, which was developed parachute system “Scout”. “Bars” and “Status-SN” adopted by the armed forces in 2009, 2012 and 2013 to replace the old Soviet system. “The loss of this production could seriously hamper the development of our airmobile and airborne troops”, — said Tymchuk.

HOW TO COMPENSATE LOSSES. The Ukrainian side said that the landfill near Cape Chauda. They became the object in the Kherson region, where in December 2016 were missile firing, greatly alarmed the Russian side.

As the head of the press center of the air command “South” Vladimir Kryzhanovsky, a new landfill meets all the criteria. “We needed a sparsely populated area and a large area of the sea where you can guide the rocket. That is the place we found in the Kherson region,” — said Kryzhanovsky.

As for parachutes, the existing reserves are sufficient to train paratroopers. “In any case, at the Commission meetings of the national security Council on issues of the military industrial complex, the subject of the lack of parachutes was not raised. And the Marines, during the war in the Donbass, used more as elite infantry. Classic amphibious operations are not carried out”, — Tymchuk noted.

According to him, there is an option for the procurement of parachute systems abroad. By the way, in January 2017 at the armed forces appeared in the Polish system of Dedal, pre-tested by military scientists from the Chernihiv State research and test center. This was announced by the head of communications and press of the Ministry of defense Oksana Gavrilyuk.

In General, according to Dmitry Tymchuk, to compensate for the loss of the Crimean will help private enterprises: “When the war began, the private producer to meet the needs of the defense Ministry even in those areas in which we have production-it never happened. We see that state-owned enterprises unwieldy and very slow to respond to needs. But the private sector runs more efficiently. We need to establish a mechanism to attract private enterprises to the implementation of the defense order. And then we won’t feel the losses suffered in the Crimea.”