All spoiling the Russian veto

For the eighth time Russia has used its veto during the voting on the resolution of the UN Security Council, whose goal is to end the suffering of the Syrian people. Thus, when Moscow discovered that it was the Syrian opposition, not Assad, is expected to play a major role in the political transition process in Syria, it violated the provisions of resolution 2254, in the drafting of which participated. Today, the Russian government claims that support for a political solution of the Syrian issue, while aircraft continue airstrikes on civilians, to destroy the Syrian cities and villages, and to destroy state institutions designed to protect them. Russia is a country that is responsible for the failure of the agreement on cessation of hostilities, which it had concluded with the United States and that the Assad regime violated many times. Russia is also responsible for the failure of meetings in Astana, as it not only acted as a guarantor for the Syrian regime, but have not prevented the movement of citizens, bombing and using chemical weapons against them against.

Russia, which has saved the Assad regime after they had committed a serious crime in ghouta, convinced the international community that it is sufficient to eliminate chemical weapons, freeing the regime from any responsibility and allowing him thereby to continue the destruction of the population today is trying once again to save the regime after the massacre perpetrated by them in Khan Sheyhun. The Russian leadership claims that Assad is not to blame for what happened. Despite this, it knows that the assertion that the regime produced chemical munitions, which could relieve Syrian planes, cause only a smile. After all, no sane person would say that the residents of the Khan of Sheyhun kept sarin in their homes, bedrooms and allowed his children to play with the deadly substance!

However, if Russia was not afraid that all will understand that the Syrian regime is lying, then she would not have vetoed a resolution of the UN Security Council, which involves the investigation of the incident. While major powers have already found out the details of the bombing, and they have enough relevant evidence, in particular the fact that after the crime he had committed in Huta regime used chemical weapons against Syrians 160 times, according to military observers.

We understand that Russia is looking for ways to realize their interests, but unfortunately, it does so by sacrificing hundreds of thousands of lives of Syrians. Any other guidance would achieve mutual understanding and mutual interests within the framework of balanced relations without resorting to such victims.

Arab and Western States were keen to convince Russia to abandon its position, and if it does, this step would be the first step towards the emergence of Russian confidence in the decisions of the international community. However, Moscow wants the Syrian opposition to Assad surrendered and accepted him as the President of the country after he committed the crimes, which have no analogues in the history.

Very slightly voiced speech, the permanent representative of Russia in the past 12 of April the meeting of the Security Council, especially when a question was raised regarding the Syrian citizens suffering from landmines laid LIH (banned in Russia — approx. ed.) in Palmyra, a city controlled by the Assad regime gave the supporters of this terrorist organization. The Russian representative rejected the fact that aviation continues to dump on the Syrians chemical weapons with phosphorus, chlorine, sarin. He didn’t say anything and about ten million refugees and displaced persons, as well as hundreds of thousands of Syrians arrested.

Russia does not understand why the vast majority of Syrian citizens welcomed the American air strikes on the airport “Sirat” where were the planes that conducted the chemical attack in Khan Sheyhun. What most Syrians welcomed those whose purpose is to Rob them of their land and sovereignty, is an unprecedented event, which has no analogues in the Syrian history. The whole world needs to understand that this is not that other, as an indicator of the cruelty of the Syrian regime. The Syrian people are suffering so much that waiting for help from any side, because in Syria there is no one who could protect Syrians from the tyranny of the Assad regime and its allies. When the President of the United States trump struck the blow, the Syrians hoped that after a long silence of the international community in relation to the death of their children and destruction of their country’s criminals finally be punished.

It seems that the most important questions of today — what will happen after failing of the Security Council to convince Russia of the need to stop supporting the criminal regime? Will the great power ambitions of Russia and Iran on the preservation of power in Syria of a person to deliverance from the tyranny which gave life a million Syrians to a new world war?

Is it possible that trump, who promised the American people that the United States will return to their place in the world, will succumb to the veto of Russia and will show the same weakness that showed when-Obama to Putin?

Putin did not miss the fact that he’s dealing with the American President, firmly defend the interests of the United States. Russia will not ignore the position of the international community (similar to the position of trump), tired of Obama’s policies, is silent about the crimes against humanity and the carrier is thus responsible for the blood shed by the Syrians.

Russia must realize that its actions can lead to the death of millions of citizens, and that injustice is not ultimately prevail, and even if it will continue for some time, Russia should not participate in it.