How to get rid of damp and mould in the bathroom: simple tips

The formation of mold and dampness in the bathroom – not a rare phenomenon. And to get rid of them, you need to know a few tricks, reports Lisa.

  • One of the most common causes of mold in the bathroom – problem with the ventilation system. Yourself in this problem is not likely to handle, then you will need expert help – call masters. However, in some cases to get rid of humidity and dampness in the bathroom helps duct fan mounted away from the door – then the air will be collected from all premises.
  • Raw bathroom often indicate a problem with the heating system. Contact of hot water with cold walls and floors, is fraught with condensation. This problem is easily solved if we install a bath in at least a primitive system of floor heating and walls.

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  • You should pay attention to the cold water pipe that are outside of the walls – there’s also condensation can form. In this case you will need a thermal insulation system. An ideal variant – presence in the bathroom window or Windows. In this case, you need warm time of the year to keep them open as long as possible – this will help to get rid of excess moisture and the smell of damp.
  • It is better not to dry the bathroom linen – just washed things put up on the balcony. Good service and can provide electric hand dryers – not only will it dry the towels, but the air in the bathroom. The bathroom doors can’t close completely – at least a narrow slit will promote better air circulation in the room. At night it is better to leave the door fully open – it will help to get rid of humidity. Making repairs in the bathroom, stop your choice on natural materials – it will protect the room from the appearance of dampness. To hang Wallpaper in the bathroom, you should not.