Great Post: how to fast military

Among the military who are in Eastern Ukraine, many Orthodox believers who seek to prepare for Easter, by fasting.

Chancellor of Ukrainian Orthodox Church Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanich) noted that the main task of soldiers is to perform his duty, the restrictions during lent are more simple, said the information Center of the UOC.

“In relation to food restrictions, perhaps the rules of the Church not everyone will be able to observe, due to the position and tasks performed. This applies to military, who are a great feat of arms, protecting the integrity of our state. Therefore, for the soldiers always limitations were more simple,” said Metropolitan Anthony.

The Archbishop recalled that during lent it is important, “that man has realized his sin and had a desire to become better.”

According to the Church Constitution during lent every Orthodox Christian must confess and take communion.

“For the military is an essential right performance of his duty with the possibility of confession and communion, with the knowledge especially during lent,” – said Metropolitan Anthony.

As you know, the tradition of the Church, the relief of the post for each individual, a blessing on the extent of their fasting, Orthodox Christians take the priest.