Makron is the most Pro-European candidate for the French presidency – Tusk

Emmanuel macron, the most Pro-European and safe from the point of view of Polish interests, the presidential candidate of France. On Saturday in comments to journalists said the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, reports UKRINFORM.

“In France, the most Pro-European and probably the most safe from the point of view of Polish interests is Emmanuel macron. My colleague from the European family (European people’s party – ed.) and long-term friend Fillon, though maybe a little more evroskeptichnuyu, but also safe from the point of view of Europe and Poland,” said Tusk.

At the same time, he added that the political intuition that told him before the results of the referendum on the British exit from the EU, as well as the results of U.S. presidential elections, inclines him to believe that the second round of elections in France will be released centrist Makron and the leader of the nationalist National front of marine Le Pen.

He expressed the hope that in the final of the French presidential elections “will not be a dramatic surprise”.

The first round of presidential elections in France will take place on 23 April and the second on 7 may.