Who needs to trust Turkey?

Most international relations theories in explaining the structure of the international system emphasize the concept of “anarchy”. The most important goal of a state in conditions of global chaos to continue to exist and to be ready to threats to their own security.

When you look at the political structure of the middle East region, which includes Turkey, you can see that here, too, is anarchy. The intervention of global players in the process called “Arab revolutions”, of course, has further increased the uncertainty and instability in the region. In a similar way the growth of xenophobia in the Western world will increase the instability of the world political system. In the middle East this will be reflected in the form of even greater anarchy.

Who needs to trust Turkey in the period when the middle East and around the world chaos?

How reliable alliances that our country builds with some players in the region and beyond?


For example, who should we trust to resolve our concerns about safety regarding Syria: new us administration and Russia? How can we rely on the Free Syrian army? To what extent we can trust Qatar and Saudi Arabia, with whom we cooperate in the Syrian issue and many other problems in the Middle East?

The concepts of power and interests, inherent in the nature of international relations show that none of them we can’t trust.

The only thing we can rely on is your own strength and stability of Turkey.

Build temporary alliances with other countries to overcome challenges impossible to cope on their own, of course. Is forced to do even the U.S., which are the most powerful country in the world. The alliances that Washington creates in the Atlantic and the Pacific, actually show that his power is also limited. Therefore, Turkey, which compared to the US has much less force, too, should seek forms of cooperation with other States or non-state actors to be able to protect their interests in all spheres, particularly in the security sphere. But we also shouldn’t forget that this is a “temporary” collaboration. We should always keep in mind that the countries that today are working together with Ankara tomorrow as you change their interests very quickly can move to the opposite side and implement policies harmful to Turkey. The middle East is replete with examples of such risks.

In these circumstances it is necessary, on the one hand, to seek new cooperation in accordance with the requirements of the time, on the other — to increase its strength. In the last issue, Turkey has made significant progress. But compared with such world powers as the USA, Russia, Germany, China and the UK, we still have serious deficiencies. To narrow the gap between us and these countries, Turkey will obviously need to make more of an effort.

However, the resistance of the people, which we have witnessed during the attempted coup of July 15, 2016, has openly shown by another fact: the main element of power to which Turkey can rely before the threat of any outgoing from inside and outside attacks — is its people. The fact that in contrast to the previous coup attempts of the people sided with the elected government and came out strongly against the coup with otherworldly roots, showed that the support of the people is much more valuable than all other elements of the force.

If not for this support, the existing military and economic power or the number of allies would not be enough to successfully heated from the outside to suppress the coup attempt like July 15.

In this regard, Turkey should first of all rely on your people.

Our leadership, both the authorities and the opposition must do everything possible to earn the support of the people and strengthen it. And those who are looking for support in other places, though, and acquire it temporarily, ultimately, are doomed to lose.

The way to win the support of the people, is through trust, and a path to gaining confidence is through the relentless adherence to the norms of justice.

Thus, in the period when the instability in the international system is growing every day, Turkey in response to all threats need to choose the right alliances and cooperation, to increase its economic, military and diplomatic power, and most importantly, do not turn your back to the people and justice.