US media: the first trump speech in Congress praising the left and the right

The American media at the moment, utterly polarized, but the first throne speech of Donald trump praised right and left. The right saw it as a sign of further victories of the hero, as the left predicted that the next morning the tramp again rushed to Twitter and debase everything.


This has not happened yet, but critics trump console myself with the fact that it will not hold and will fall at the first provocation, for it cannot fail to answer blow for blow.


The article is a liberal columnist for the Washington Post Jonathan Kephart entitled: “trump at any point can ruin the good impression he had made”.


“Of course, the author continues, — he has promised a lot of things can not give, and painted an image of America that is radically different from reality. But his hour-long speech at the joint session of Congress did not contain attacks on the press, grandiloquent and boastful statements and open superstition, which distinguished his campaign, transition and first weeks of his reign…”


“But we’ve seen this before,” continues Kephart who is sure that soon the trump will inevitably do, say or tweet anything inappropriate.

The first polls showed that most Americans took it well. According to initial reports, it looked 40-45 million people. Most of them, as is always the case, sympathized with the party of the President.


According to a CNN poll of speech trump made a very good impression on those 57% of Americans.


It is, however, much inferior to Barack Obama, who in 2009, impressed with his first presidential speech, 68%, and Bush’s speech of 2001, reacted positively to 66%.


No small accomplishment


But for trump, which has the lowest rating among beginners presidents of recent decades, is no small achievement.


Almost seven out of ten respondents said that the views expressed by trump’s ideas will move the country in the right direction. 72% said they like his economic plans.


Among such plans is the abolition of bureaucratic restrictions and regulations that, according to trump, millstone hanging on the neck of the American manufacturers, or the intention to spend nearly 1 trillion dollars to repair the dilapidated infrastructure like the ill-fated dam in California, which has again sprung a leak both spillway.


It is unclear, however, whether to agree to Fund all of his initiatives in the Congress that remembers that the US debt will soon exceed 20 trillion dollars.


The trump was so excited about the success that I began to fear, as if this triumph had not been greased scheduled for Wednesday the publication of a corrected version of the decree on temporary ban on the entry of the seven Muslim countries and therefore postponed this announcement.


Trump praised even the CNN commentator van Jones, who is the conservative magazine American Thinker described as “ultra-radical leftist”. After trump is turned from the podium to the widow of a naval commando Ryan Owens, who died in January in an operation against “al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia — approx. ed.) to Yemen, he, according to Jones, “made something that he did not take — he became President of the United States!”


“As for the people who hoped that it will remain between us cartoon character — continued Jones — they today is a bit of a tizzy. Because if he will find a way again and again to do what he just did in front of you, it will last eight years”, that is two presidential terms.


“Trump is a long time”


Many of the Democrats who has not digested an unexpected victory trump in the election, still a glimmer of hope for impeachment or some kind of Palace coup. But what trump is a long time, said after the speech not only Jones, but also strongly antitromboticescoy columnist for the Washington Post Chris Cillizza.


Among the losers as a result of the President’s speech he referred to those who dream about the inevitable fall of the trump, and noticed them: “Guys, he’s not going anywhere. And this speech suggests that he has more gunpowder in the old dog than almost any thought before. This speech is the most obvious example of how trump begins to learn and understand the power of his office”.

When trump praised the valor of Owens, the widow of the killed, Karrin sitting next to Ivanka trump, raised his eyes to heaven and whispered late husband through her tears, “I love you baby…,” and trump in the answer given off the cuff: “In this moment Ryan looks down and he’s happy, because I think he has broken all the records now”.


Trump had in mind that the applause lasted for several minutes. They even included many former Democrats in the hall, which most of the speech was not applauded so the Republican faction had to slam for two. So the Republicans take the rap for the whole room 94 times.


The media wrote the other day that democratic lawmakers argued about whether to submit to the Trump hand in the moment when he will Wade through the dense crowd of their colleagues before and after his speech. Your correspondent carefully watched its passage through space and not seen someone rejected the outstretched hand of the President.


If it was praised even by his opponents, the supporters trump the children were happy. Conservative Thomas Lifson titled his article in the American Thinker gleefully: “After the triumph of trump Democrats depressed, disoriented, demoralized and degraded”.


“For Democrats it was the worst night of 8 November, 2016,” the author writes, and notes that leading liberal-left MSNBC TV “looked that night as if she lost a loved one — the same face she had on election night; her co-commentators desperately looking for what to criticize, focused on the fact that the President raised the Cup with both hands”.


In fact, critics of the President’s speech was plenty. Although almost everybody agreed that it was the best speech of the trump, which they had heard, one didn’t like her style, others content. Critics agreed that the most sublime passages of the speech sounded in the mouths of mundane trump not too organically and was clearly a child of his speechwriters.


“Best speech”


But there were exceptions. For example, the correspondent of si-bi-es Gayle king wrote on Twitter: “In the beginning he said he will speak from the heart, and I think he did”.


“The best speech ever was made by Donald trump” — echoes on “Twitter” journalist Kirsten powers, usually not prone to emotion.


Critics on the left don’t like what trump has repeatedly vozvraschalsya to the topic of illegal immigrants, among whom, according to him, there are too many criminals. Democrats countered with statistics, according to which immigrants are less criminal than natives.


When he announced that the Department of homeland security creates division to help victims of criminals, illegal immigrants, in the hall — the only time — was a rumble of disapproval.


And the left and right were unhappy with the fact that trump has used the term “radical Islamic terrorism”, which avoided and Barack Obama, and George Bush always claimed that the US is not at war with Islam, and its twisted variant, which has adopted the terrorists.


If you believe the media sources in the White house, the newly appointed Advisor to trump on national security Lieutenant-General Herbert McMaster tried to persuade him not to use in speech this term, as it may alienate Muslims, in the face of which the United States wanted to find allies in the fight against terror.


Trump not only did not listen, but also put an emphasis on this formulation, stating to Congress: “We also take serious measures to protect our country from radical Islamic terrorism!”