Yerevan Moscow instead of parole requires a warranty?

Defense Minister Vigen Sargsyan, addressing the issue of Russian arms deliveries to Azerbaijan, in particular in the context of the provision of the next party, noted that Armenian-Russian cooperation based on deeper and more stable mechanisms, and against this background, any number of arms supplies is not significant. In other words, Vigen Sargsyan actually says that the agenda of Armenian-Russian cooperation is more stable and reliable mechanisms that neutralize supply Azerbaijan with weapons.

In any case, at a public level, we only know the “Iskander”, which really are the sole limiting factor, but the “Iskander” is a factor of large-scale, strategic deterrence. But the problem here is not only in the scale, because on the front is just a local security problems, security issues of the Armenian soldiers and officers, the control of the front-line of Azerbaijan’s aggression. Here arms supplies are not only and maybe even not as a military factor as a political one, which gives Azerbaijan a carte Blanche for this local aggression. Here lies the problem and it should be considered also from this point of view, not only of large-scale deterrence. Moreover, it is not ruled out that Yerevan thus hides his powerlessness before a strategic ally in the matter of maintaining the military rhetoric of Azerbaijan. Yerevan in this regard, truly is uncomfortable in the situation, when the issue of Russian arms deliveries to Azerbaijan.

To say that the Armenian authorities have never expressed concern before the April war, and after, of course, would not be right. However, the problem is not in the same complaint, but about the active political influence on this phenomenon, given that we are talking about the behavior of a strategic ally. This raises a fundamental military-political difference over the other supply of arms to Azerbaijan. It is possible to disguise different wording, but all this does not neutralize the political and geopolitical consequences, which in time and space may occur and may later, but this is not the case when it is better late than never. In parallel, the wording of Vigen Sargsyan, the Armenian-Russian relations is ambitious and adequate, and the issues raised Armenia, more stabilizing and long-term than the supply of arms, gives rise to a remarkable observation on the part of the speech of Serzh Sargsyan in Moscow in March. On March 10, after visiting Russia, Serzh Sargsyan received the title of honorary doctor of the University, and speaking at this University, also spoke about the April war, dividing a remarkable discovery. He said that when the “our partners” reported that Azerbaijan’s aggression is dangerous, “we are assured” that this is for domestic consumption, but, in fact, the April war revealed all.

The speech of Serzh Sargsyan practically showed one important thing: in fact, he says that when Yerevan urges Russia not to arm Baku, receives a response that the rhetoric of Baku is intended for domestic consumption and Azerbaijan will go to war. At the same time, Sargsyan made a clear message on this subject also immediately after the April war, taking on 22 April, Minister for foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov and turning to him a remarkable tone, offering to submit to Moscow’s opinion about how “it happened” that is why Azerbaijan attacked? In other words, Sargsyan is expected that Moscow assured the Yerevan quite the opposite. March 10, during a speech at MGIMO, Serzh Sargsyan actually talked about it more open tone. Against this background, the statement of the Minister of defence begs the question — does Yerevan question more specific guarantees to curb Azerbaijan’s aggression, raising is now more long term and stabilizing the issues in front of Moscow, not relying on so-called certification or parole Moscow? Any of these guarantees, said the Minister of defence, or however we are talking about zavualirovannosti inability to stop the actions of a strategic ally in the issue of the aggressive weapons of the enemy?