From Russia with hate: the presidency of Donald trump proves that racism and sexism are destroying America

For the period of the presidential primaries of 2016, and until the presidency of Donald trump I’ve written about it dozens, if not hundreds, of articles. He literally is a gift that is endless. Unfortunately, these are the gifts that I (and the vast majority of Americans) are not needed.

In his chronicle, where I describe the threat to American democracy posed by Donald trump, I have repeatedly touched on a few topics. As indicated by its words, deeds and political agenda, Donald trump is an authoritarian ruler, a plutocrat and a fascist. In addition, trump is an ignorant buffoon, a racist, a chauvinist and a bigot. And he’s a misogynist who brags of sexual harassment against women (he denies that he did it actually, but no one believes him). Besides, Donald trump is a fraud, a crook and a liar, mental stability and emotional maturity which is questionable.

Trump has provided assistance and support hostile foreign power, which destabilized the presidential elections in 2016 with the aim of introducing it into the White house. Due to this fact, Donald trump is a traitor. And those Republican party officials, who continued to support Donald trump, are also traitors. The same can be said about his supporters among ordinary Americans. The Republican party and voters trump together put power and party above country. For this cowardly decision should be to cover the shame and prosecute.

Over the last few days we witnessed a series of events that would come to mind even the most incompetent writer or filmmaker. A Federal Grand jury issued subpoenas to the court in the case of former adviser to trump national security Michael Flynn (as Michael Flynn) in the investigation of his unacceptable (and possibly illegal) ties with Russia. As a textbook example of obstruction of justice trump fired the Director of the FBI to stop the investigation into possible ties between members of his election headquarters with the Russian special services during the presidential elections in 2016.

The next day after the dismissal of FBI Director James Komi (James Comey) trump has met with Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov and Ambassador Sergei Kislyak in the oval office, where he apparently opened them a top-secret intelligence. These events are part of a flurry of activities — including investigations by U.S. law enforcement agencies business ties Donald trump, as well as (according to rumors) operations on money-laundering in Russian banks and other companies. It has been suggested that trump summarily sacked a total of 46 Federal prosecutors to sabotage any investigations on these issues.

If any of these events (or all of them) occurred during a presidential term of Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, the Republican party, its propagandists and its supporters literally would stand at the gates of the White house with pitchforks, torches and ropes in hand.

However, Donald trump was somehow elected President and continues to hold power in their hands. Why is this happening?

Despite some signs of “some slippage”, the Republican party continues to worship the Trump, like a cult leader. She seems to be tightly linked to the overall mission of political suicide: he holds in his hands the power, but mostly goes on about the party, following its instructions. For voters trump he is a hero and the embodiment of their collective ugliness, anger, ignorance, meanness, and fierce attitude towards “liberals”, the “elite” blacks and “others” in a broader sense. Because of this, trump remains surprisingly popular among his core voters and Republicans in full — even if you consider the an incredible number of mistakes and political blunders committed by him during the short time of stay in the White house. So the likelihood that Donald trump will be prosecuted, convicted and subsequently removed from office, is extremely small.

Racism and sexism are key qualities threat of identity politics, preferring white men, due to which trump has achieved victory over Hillary Clinton. In many ways, these values continue to protect him.

Sociologists have proved that white Americans relate to blacks with great suspicion and perceive them as a threat. In addition, many white Americans believe that they deserve more trust that they are smarter and more Patriotic than blacks.

One of the clearest examples of this is based on the principle of superiority of the white man, the conspiracy theory called the theory of “birth”, which Republicans — and, in particular, Donald trump is used in order to undermine the presidency of Barack Obama.

Scientists have repeatedly demonstrated that when people evaluate whether women pronounced leadership qualities, and whether they are suitable for senior and responsible positions in power, they are biased on the principle of gender inequality.

It marred the presidential elections of 2016. Hillary Clinton was one of the most suitable candidates for the presidency in the entire history of the United States. But she was harassed on false and refuted allegations that she improperly kept e-mails allegedly contained secret information, as well as the charges of the conservatives (and too many of the leading media) that it is physically or emotionally not strong enough to lead the country.

As for the negative response on the growth and achievements of the civil rights movement conservatism and racism in the United States actually began to mean the same thing. An extreme form of commitment to right-wing views, combined with the authoritarianism and sexism has shattered the hopes of conducting normal policy now prevails in the ranks of the Republican party. Moreover, the Republicans ideologically are not able to separate himself from trump, because he is the epitome of the quintessence of all values that they represent over 40 years.

I am often asked two questions: how does racism harm white people? And why sexism is offensive to men?

The answer to both these questions is Donald trump. He is extremely incompetent, unprepared and unfit to be President of the United States. Mode trump already weakened the international prestige of the country, respect for her, her safety, welfare and security. His policies will cause enormous damage to the economy of the United States, and he will fill their own Bank accounts, accounts of his relatives and his entourage the money stolen from the American people or paid him rich and powerful men in order to gain access to the White house. The most important is that authoritarian values trump turn it into a clear and present danger to American democracy.

In the end, Donald trump is incompetent white man with unearned income, whose hand is on the nuclear button and in the ear of who whisper to the Russians. Life is in many ways similar to a lottery: people can’t choose neither a body nor a family in which him or her to be born. If Donald trump wasn’t a white rich man, he probably would not have become the President of the United States. And if he, being a woman or a representative of colored people (or colored woman), somehow became the owner of the White house, it probably would have attracted to justice and removed from office.

Unfortunately, racism and sexism — this is simple, obvious facts and distinctive features of American life that are constantly repeated, starting from the school yard and ending in the White house. And Donald trump is no exception. He is the personification of the American system working exactly as intended.