The Kremlin edged

Decades of active contacts with Russia left Cuba significant traces. The names of Vladimir and Natasha, and Russian nesting dolls that adorn the Cuban at home — the only evidence of past cooperation. But in recent years, relations between Moscow and Havana was strengthened. The Kremlin has returned.

In recent years, Russia occupies a new position in Latin America with the filing of local authorities acting in international forums for the respect of sovereignty and “free choice of the people”. Populist leaders of Latin American countries enter into a partnership with Vladimir Putin, to, among other things, to irritate the United States. Because, as you know, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

According to Reuters, this partnership has allowed Venezuela to put into service five thousand man-portable air defense systems (MANPADS) in Russia. Arsenal began to take shape during the reign of former Venezuelan President Hugo chávez (Hugo Chávez), but now he is more dangerous in conditions of political instability in the country and the precarious situation of the President Nicolas Maduro (Nicolas Maduro).

In Central America the front door to insatiable superpower is Nicaragua. At the disposal of the incumbent President of this country Daniel Ortega (Daniel Ortega) has fifty tanks, supplied by Moscow instructors from Russia preparing military on the territory of this country. Corrupt system prevailing in Nicaragua under the influence of the Sandinista regime, contributes to the realization of the expansionist plans of the former KGB officer.

Havana remains the main ally of Russia in this part of the world. Mistrust in Russian-Cuban relations after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the coming to power of Boris Yeltsin, scatters. In the era of Putin’s presidency has revived much of the former USSR, and diplomatic relations once again began to harden.

Over the past five years, the Embassy of the Russian Federation, located in the Miramar district in the West of Havana, has gained weight. This building is in the shape of a sword, plunging into the chest of the Cuban capital, ironically called the “tower of control”, where formidable stepmother watching everything that happens within the countries previously under its influence, which it lacks.

Recently, Russia has assisted Raul Castro after the reduction of oil supplies to Cuba from Caracas. During the friendship with Hugo Chavez, Cuba has received about 100 thousand barrels of Venezuelan oil a day, but recently this volume has decreased by more than 40%. The Cuban government was forced to reduce the supply of fuel to state enterprises and to restrict the sale of gasoline premium.

Russian oil company Rosneft has extended a helping hand to Raul Castro and took on the obligation on delivery to Cuba of 250 thousand tons of oil and diesel fuel (about two million barrels). This rescue operation makes you think about what way is going to pay off with Moscow and Havana in a situation of liquidity deficit and the recession in the Cuban economy.

Another troubling sign is the recent meeting between Cuban President’s son, Colonel Alejandro Castro Espina (Alejandro Castro Espín), with the Secretary of the Russian security Council Nikolai Patrushev to discuss cooperation opportunities of the two countries in the field of information security. In 2014, the successor Raul Castro, have signed in Moscow the Memorandum on cooperation in the field of intelligence.

The next meeting of the former allies is a symbolic gesture. Russia is engaged in the restoration of the dome of the Capitol in Havana. He will receive a new veneer natural stone with the laying of bronze leaves and a coating of gold leaf, which will Shine brightly under the tropical sun. It looks like a call to Washington, where stands brother (almost a twin) impressive Cuban buildings.

While the Russian advanced forces occupy new positions in different countries of Latin America, the President of the United States Donald trump is busy with other problems. Being in the center of the scandal surrounding the possible involvement of Putin in the elections in the United States, which helped him to take the presidency, the American tycoon more interested in the situation in the middle East and the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico than rapprochement with the region located on the other side of the Rio Grande.

Indifference trump is manifested not only in words. The US President has recently proposed to significantly reduce the costs of aid disbursement to Latin America. This approach is contrary to the policy of the Kremlin, which develops economic and military-political cooperation with these countries, supporting authoritarian regimes. The cold war re-untied in Latin America.

But this time, Moscow took off the mask that hides its geopolitical interests under the guise of providing “support to the proletarians of the whole world” or “disinterested aid to the poorest countries”. Now Russian diplomacy works directly and without embellishment. Russia is not going to provide financial assistance and to buy. She is no longer covered by ideology, and demonstrates pure pragmatism, characteristic of capitalism, which in the end the Communists came.

Once passing position and hiding behind the door of his own pride, to lick their wounds, Russia now wants to clear the road and restore its position in Latin America. She knows that she has allies in the region willing to drop any ethical and Patriotic considerations to help Moscow to repulse US. She needs to hurry, as many of its associates lose weight.

Her accomplices in this part of the world need to Moscow, providing them with weapons and is able to provide them with protection in international organizations. They see Russia as a strong bear, able to show his teeth to Washington every time it may need. They give Moscow the opportunity to stay on its territory, provides classified information and ensure loyalty, based on the benefit, instead of which they want very much. They dream again, to make Russia great.