Tensions between the US and Russia is growing – WSJ

Russia and the USA openly confronted the UN security Council on the basis of the resolution on anti-Syrian sanctions, and this opposition indicates the divergence of their views on some of the world’s major crises in the sphere of security. This writes farnaz Fassihi in The Wall Street Journal, reports Inopressa.

As the journalist reports, “on Tuesday, the United States accused Russia that it covers the use of chemical weapons by Syria, and Russia has accused the US of using fictional pretexts for the imposition of sanctions to overthrow the government of Damascus.”
A tense exchange of remarks between Washington and Moscow, the author writes, “resembled what happened between Russia and previous US administrations, and clearly showed the deep differences that have not gone away, despite the fact that the American President Donald trump and his Russian counterpart President Vladimir Putin has promised to improve relations”.

New U.S. representative to the UN, Nikki Haley, who took office in late January, “do not depart from American policy when it came to differences with Russia over Ukraine and Syria,” the article says. On Tuesday, voting in the security Council on Syria Hailey “go on open confrontation with Russia and China in their positions, saying that those countries have no excuse, as they put the defense of the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad above world security.”

As explained Fassihi, “on Tuesday, the UN security Council voted on a resolution about the involvement of Assad regime accountable for using chemical weapons against the civilian population”. After an investigation, the UN claims that Damascus used chlorine gas against civilians “in at least three confirmed cases.”

“The resolution, drafted by France, the UK and the US, says the article, is urged to impose sanctions against 11 individuals and 10 organizations of the government of Syria in connection with their participation in the production and delivery of chemical weapons,” – said in the article. Also the text “forbidden for all countries to sell weapons and equipment, such as helicopters that may be involved in the delivery of chemical weapons”.

Clash on Syria in the UN “has further reduced the likelihood of imminent rapprochement between Moscow and Washington,” concludes the publication. On Tuesday, the US also “denied the Russian allegation that the planned summit with the participation of trump and Putin, amid growing questions in Washington in connection with contacts associates trump with the Kremlin.” Despite claims by Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, a senior us official “said that no preparation (to the meeting) not being”.

We will remind, the nine members of the UN security Council voted for the resolution on sanctions protiv the Assad regime that was sufficient for its adoption, but it was blocked when Russia and China used the veto as permanent members of the security Council.