With fright, Moscow began to attack

After the liberation by the Coalition on may 10, Tabka from ISIS (organization banned in Russia — approx. ed.), the situation on the fronts in Syria has significantly changed and complicated by Assad and Moscow. But most Russians, keen pobedobesie parade on red square its fighters returning from Syria, have not yet realized it. The Russians, like all gangsters, seek to legitimize the loot, but because suffer from “multiple sclerosis” and constantly want to start the story with a “clean slate”. The Kremlin’s propaganda shapes the mass consciousness in Russia like the history of Russia began on may 9, 1945. As a result, Russian man in the street climbs to the Ukrainian empty stories about the war that ended 72 years ago, but doesn’t want to see attacks by the Russian army Avdeevka, Shirokino, Sand or Popasnaya right now. Russians are proud of the myths about what it isn’t, but the sword dance of the Arabs and trump will soon bring him back to reality.

The middle East visit trump’s part, the local media has shrewdly called a prologue to the Arab or Muslim NATO system of collective protection from Russian expansion in Asia. Arab sword dance is the equivalent of the dance of the Indians with Tomahawks and trump takes both dance very confident. Trump even dance and combat hopak on the ruins of the Moscow Empire.

Release Tabka opened a direct route to Coalition forces on the dam from the left Bank of the Euphrates on its right Bank and at Damascus, which greatly alarmed Moscow and Assad and forced them to finally start a serious military action against ISIL North of Tabka. Moscow feared that Coalition forces will move to the North towards Aleppo or West through the desert to Hama and cut off Northern group asadistov from the South in Damascus. With fright, Moscow also began to attack on ISIS from the North and move to the Tabqa at the front bar at 16 km In a week of fighting to may 22, she managed to move a maximum of 11 km, and from Coalition forces in Tabqa, it is now both less than 50 km.

But the Coalition and trump gave Moscow strategists as a surprise. The coalition began to move toward Hama or Aleppo, as they feared Moscow, and given the chance most here “dozhevat” ISIS — banned in Russia. From 15 may, the Coalition launched strikes against ISIS there, where they least of all anyone expected: in the desert South of Palmyra. Part of the desert here for a long time controlled by the Free Syrian army (FSA) and her allied tribal associations. They received support from the border bases of the US and UK in Jordan and Iraq and started a broad offensive in the desert against ISIS, quickly moving to Deir ez-Zor, where he was going to be the “capital” of Raqqa besieged. From ISIS to all his sorrows was added the South front and a sad prospect, to move the “capital” of nowhere.

The appearance of the southern front has saddened not only ISIS, but also Moscow, as it appears that the Coalition eliminate ISIS without the participation of the Russian Federation, and the southern part of Syria takes control of the SAA. Therefore, Moscow has declared an ambitious offensive of its troops from Palmyra to Deir-ez-Zor, which is 170 km away, but instead started to shoot in the back of the SSA, advancing through the desert to Deir-ez-Zor. To the South in the so-called Syrian Arab army (SAA) urgently Assad was thrown about a thousand fighters of Hezbollah and Iranian mercenaries with Russian instructors and equipment.

Desert Suwaidi in the area to the North of the town of al-Tanw (al TANF) between SSA and CAA began a stubborn battle for the road to Deir ez-Zor with the participation of Assad’s aircraft began to bomb the bases of the SSA and at the other end of the desert, where clashes between asadistami and the rebels were not at least three years. In the border refugee camps from Syria to Iraq and Jordan, of course, by sheer coincidence, ISIS began to carry out attacks and explosions, despite the fact that this is nothing like it was. ISIS also launched an attack and sabotage on the highway from Iraq to Syria, where the Coalition implements the SSA. Started, despite the fact that the route passes through the desert and on the edge of the periphery of the territory controlled by ISIS. So Russia was doing everything possible to save ISIS from rapid destruction.

The coalition this “war” of Russia with ISIS quickly tired of it and may 18, the US air force just bombed a convoy asadistov North of al-Tana advanced on PAS and prevented the attack on ISIS. The result was at least destroyed: 4 tanks, one “Shilka” anti-aircraft gun and one 8 Technicals. The US pilots showed humanity — in the video of the attack made by someone from the ground, they bombed only the technology, but not chasing the infantry, scattering across the desert.

In the Kremlin at the destruction of Russian equipment was very offended, and Putin on may 19, immediately convened in Sochi residence Bocharov Stream your the security Council. As stated by Sands, in Sochi came Sergei Shoigu, Valentina Matvienko, Minister of the interior Vladimir Kolokoltsev and other responsible persons and unanimously condemned that strike US as “illegitimate”, but to the old rhetoric about the “American aggression in Syria” has not descended. It is possible that someone had put it, but Sands was not authorized to announce it. Overall it was in the old Soviet style: speak Russian — mean Putin talk Syria — Assad implied. Most of all allowed myself to curse Lavrov, as was in Cyprus, apart from all. What he quickly came “otvetka” from McCain, who called Lavrov “Putin’s propagandist” and a “puppet thugs and murderers”, referring to Assad.

The Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis may 20 announced a new tactic against ISIS, in support of which Donald trump on the same day participated in Riyadh in the dance of swords. Moscow to the last word of her, ordered the Russian air may 19 to bomb the Western part of desert Suvidya, but in the Eastern part to fly, not to meet with the U.S. army, began a patrol there together with the SSA. It offended the Army of the free tribes of the Eastern Suwaidi and declared war on Assad, what is also connected to the sabre dance. On may 22, the dance and joined the special forces of Norway, entering into the Syrian desert. In the middle East begins a war dance of all peoples of the world for its freedom from Russian imperialism and terrorism.

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