In Ukraine grow prices for rented apartments (infographic)

By the end of 2016 the prices for long term rent in Ukraine increased slightly. This is connected not least with the devaluation of the hryvnia and increase in utility bills, which are often included in the rent. This is reported by analysts of OLX, who investigated the situation on the market for rental housing in all regional centers of Ukraine and found out where to rent an apartment profitable.

For a long time often rent one-bedroom apartments (47,04% of the total number of closed transactions in 2016). Close the figure by renting luxury apartments — by 39.15%. Deals on two-bedroom apartment was 13.81%.

By the end of 2016, the lowest price threshold for the rent amounted to the sum of 1 UAH 105. At this price offered an apartment in the East of the country. A little more expensive to rent an apartment in Sumy and Ternopil — 550 UAH 1 and UAH 2 015 respectively.

The most expensive in terms of rent of the city is Kyiv (5 985 UAH), Odessa (5 257 UAH) and Lviv (UAH 4 048).

Kiev accounts for a large portion of closed deals — 35,85% of the total. The capital is followed by Odessa (11,49%), Kharkiv (9,74%) and Dnipro (of 8.38%). “Many residents are seeking work in these cities”, – panauti experts.

In General, the price of the apartment rental market is steadily growing.

If in January of 2016, one-bedroom apartment in the capital can be removed in an average 5 453 UAH, in December, the cost of renting increased by 9% — up to 5 985 UAH. About the same — 8% — rose “kopeck piece” — from 7 to 8 596 908 UAH. And a 5% increase in the price of two-bedroom apartments — with 10 GRND 931 11 466 UAH.

Much has changed prices in Odessa. In early 2016 apartment for rent would cost about 3 922 UAH, and at the end of year 5 257 UAH (the price increase was 34%). About the same rose eat doubles (from 5 to 140 UAH 6 UAH 509 — 26%) and a three-room dwelling (from 6 to 7 631грн 940 UAH — 19%).

The most stable situation in Kharkov. Here prices have grown slightly — on average by 2-3%. For rent “odnushki” in January asked about 4310 UAH, in December, about 4362 UAH (1.2% more). Rent one-bedroom apartments rose by 3.6% (5534 UAH in December against 5333 in January), and three — bedroom to 3% (UAH 7458грн and 7233, respectively).

In the river in January last year for a Studio apartment asked for an average of 3 249 UAH in December — UAH 3 247; accordingly, the cost of renting fell by 0.06%. Reduced in price two bedroom apartments — from 5 to 4 141 195 UAH(22%). But most of all decreased the average rent price “treshki” — from 8 UAH 5 834 703 UAH (for 36%).

“These figures are average and reflect the overall trend as the price range in the city can be quite high,” – says the experts.

In Kiev, the most popular among tenants areas — Darnitsa (18.9% of transactions on capital) and the Dnieper (12,36%) — not the cheapest. The average price for renting a Studio apartment in the Darnytsia district by the end of 2016 amounted to UAH 6166, and in the Dnieper — 5716 UAH. The most expensive areas were the caves (9233 UAH) str (7670 UAH) and Shevchenko (6935 UAH).

“Housing price increase is a natural consequence of a number of factors. According gosstata in January 2016, the consumer price index in comparison with the year 2015 amounted to 108.9 per cent, in December it rose to 121,2%. It also influenced the growth of average wages. In General, Ukraine in 2016, it has increased almost in 1.5 times — to UAH 4362 6475. The increase in the cost of basic goods leads to the fact that people are promoting and the cost of services (including rent) to stay in positive territory” – experts say.