History motivated professional anti-Russian activists

Among the most furious anti-Russian activists is not only the French journalists. The Diaspora from the former Soviet Union France is also not devoid of such individuals: they may actually not so many, but some have such a strong hatred for Russia, which simply cannot go unnoticed. And some even expressed in the media. That explains a lot.

He said to him: it is written: not by bread alone doth man live, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God (Matthew, 4:4)

Part 1. “The role of personality may be important”

The path of the immigrant is always difficult, especially if communication with the mother country broken, external force, or voluntarily. Our heroine was once very capable, ambitious, hardworking and persistent girl. She was born and grew up in a fairly wealthy family by the standards of the country, which collapsed all possible social disasters: war, revolution, totalitarianism. This era left a mark the daily scarcity of food, clothing, necessities. Being a member of the privileged class, she belonged to the elite, then came under the patronage of senior party officials, the Soviet writer Konstantin Simonov. “I grew up in the USSR with the Marxist notion that history is made by masses and leaders appear only at the right moment, when they in some way enable an objective direction of history. It took me many years of living in the West and personal experience to understand how important can be the role of the individual”.

She moved from the Soviet Union by its own decision, and against the will of the parents. She changed the country and her husband. And, it seems, finally found his vocation in France in the “international resistance”. On this occasion she writes: “I was interested in working because I was suddenly involved in activities that allowed them to settle old scores with the Soviet authorities. As I wrote, I from a young age, did not accept the Soviet system, but did not have time to get into a real circle of dissidents. And now I had the opportunity to do something useful for the “common cause”.

In essence, the rejection she so hated the Soviet regime was only visible as the struggle for “common cause” is one of the social beliefs of the regime. By fighting emerged from the October revolution by the Communists, but our heroine starts to prepare the other revolutions, without any torments of conscience. “It is clear that many of the actions of the “international resistance”, in particular in Afghanistan, in Nicaragua, in Chad and in Angola could not have been done without the logistical help of U.S. intelligence, but we did not ask too many questions.”

In other words, the girl joined the volunteers in the midst of the cold war. Personally, I would prefer the history of Russia without all of these revolutionaries and soldiers with different ideals, but I still can understand it…

Anyway, “international resistance” still won with the support of the “Empire of good”. “Evil Empire” destroyed. “The losers,” the Nations were divided, destabilized, demoralized, humiliated, and a few years they’d all have to starve! The goal is achieved? Why did you not leave the battlefield, Mrs. Ackerman?

Part 2. “Don’t worry for the Russian people”

Autumn 1999 was remembered by Muscovites series of bombings and disturbing thoughts: “if I Wake up tomorrow morning?” Galina Akkerman wrote: “don’t worry about the Russian people, which is isolated from the world press is watching the political struggle, reminiscent of the confrontation between the mafia clans, and finds himself at gunpoint by the government seeking to handle it with the help of unscrupulous journalists… in other words, there is society, where criminal manners have become a daily reality”. Personally, I do not agree with your perception of this era, Mrs. Ackerman. But time passes, and the much desired stability has come. The Russians reacted with disbelief to the new President. But gradually things changed. The population once again became a nation. However, Galina Ackerman was very far from his life and attitudes: “one gets the impression that all of Putin’s strategy was developed in his rise to power. He has placed his people everywhere, created a party, which allows him to control the legislative power and process of mass, introduced the policy of oil blackmail, etc.” In fact, Madame Ackermann, he gave the order, that is, to remind the oligarchs that they — not the government (that, by the way, totally did not expect Berezovsky), and became obvious to defend their state interests of the principle of the impossibility of providing free resources to those who spits you in the face. Russia, which had no right?!

Galina Ackerman regularly condemns the terrible consequences of traditions and customs, and makes high demands of morality of the Russians. For example, they are obliged to unconditionally support the actions of Greenpeace: “the Cynicism prevalent in crossed to a wild capitalism society that refuses to believe in the altruistic impulse”. At the same time, her definition of wild capitalism appears to be quite ambiguous, judging by her statements about hydrocarbons. Indeed, in other circumstances, she calls on the help of Greenpeace with its “altruism.” A simple example: “Finally, a huge gas and oil deposits were discovered in the Mediterranean sea and Egypt, not to mention the extraction of shale gas in the United States that will become a stable factor in the reduction of prices for hydrocarbons in the world.” At this point, the environment and altruism fade into the background, giving place to the “old accounts”. Everything that opposes the interests of Russia, systematically perfectly. Therefore, Western sanctions against Moscow make it a stormy dreams: the Russian people will grow poor!

Part 3. “Retrograde Church”

In Moscow scandal like art exhibitions, which in practice was a demonstration of infamy, pornography and provocations with an obvious tinge of religious hatred. After the organizers were sentenced to fines, Ackerman describes the events: “the Two defendants brought charges under article 282 of the criminal code: a call to hatred and humiliation. (…) As we all know, a Russian court does not enjoy the reputation for independence. Why you need a process that will only further denigrate the image of the country? (…) The answer lies in the interdependence of the Russian Orthodox Church and political power. The fact that the Church is becoming more demanding in the field of religious education and censorship. Hence this process…” Then immediately guessed the usual rhetoric of the microcosm that was formed around a small but very loud part of the descendants of the Russian Diaspora. They once criticized the Patriarch Sergius, Metropolitan Alexius and for the support of the Soviet Union during the Second world war and the recognition of the Soviet government, despite the fact that they themselves were safe in France. Today, the French media have become ardent advocates of the ideas of these circles, and Ms. Ackerman still holds a grudge against the Orthodox Church. She denounces her “growing dictatorship” and claims that they are fighting “against this retrograde Church, which never repented for collaboration with the Communist regime and has a lot of KGB agents”.

Many French people don’t even realize how such statements offensive. Why? Because the number of victims of Soviet repression among the Orthodox clergy and faithful simply incalculable! Most had to go through unimaginable torture and suffering! And You, Mrs. Ackerman, do you want to judge those who survived? In whose name you accuse them of collaboration? The grandfather of the Patriarch spent 30 years in the camps, and his father six. He grew up in poverty. To whom he must apologize for this troubled past? In front of You, the daughter of an item that has become a rebel only by staying safe abroad? By the way, except the KGB did not join the dissidents? There, that had no informants? Why are You hiding from readers that there was interwoven a variety of influence?

However, Your personal attack is so important that should embroil the state. You add: “At French cultural institutions, perhaps there are means of pressure on the Russian authorities”. Something new! In such circumstances, Galina Ackerman all the forces fighting with “Putin’s Church”: “It would be more understandable if the Russian government decided to build the spiritual center for the Russian-speaking population of Paris and its suburbs. Center where Orthodox Christians could come together with Muslims, Catholics, Jews and Buddhists, where the natives of the Russian Federation could pray in the Russian language, and also hold exhibitions, concerts and seminars, thereby sharing spiritual treasure with the residents of the French capital”. I don’t know if somewhere in the world like this place, but have not heard that any state built it! It’s her best joke! It turns out that Galina Ackerman in some ways follows in the footsteps of Stalin. Under communism, the practice of common prayer was quite common… in the dungeons!

What are You, Mrs. Ackerman, you are going to use the same means to force people of different faiths to prayer? By the way, even the KGB did not invent a method to translate all these religious practices in the Russian language. Even if you do not pay attention to the differences of the churches of the Russian Orthodox Church conducts a service in old Church Slavonic. Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians and Moldovans are praying in old Church Slavonic! I think Galina Ackerman know. She probably keeps the readers for idiots? And then there is the phrase “thus sharing spiritual treasure with the residents of the French capital”. As it is in the spirit of Galina Ackerman, the self-proclaimed judge which condemns Russia for propaganda! She courageously exposes the hidden icons and domes of the conspiracy, the project “mobilization of the Russian Diaspora, the Russian world project”. She apparently does not tolerate competition, because she was trying to hold part of the Diaspora under its influence.

Part 4. “The scenario of a coup”

A favorite scapegoat Galina Ackerman, of course, was Vladimir Putin: “His place in the International criminal court”. Or: “Since Vladimir Putin’s return to the helm of the country viewed the project of changing society and the resumption of the cold war for internal reasons”. And: “Is Putin ordered Yanukovych to suppress the demonstration and opened fire on the crowd.” This, by the way, we’ll be back. Finally, the most unexpected: “Vladimir Putin is not an anti-Semite and a pragmatist, which can endanger the lives of Jews and any other people (a great example of this was Chechnya) in the name of the hidden imperialism.” Surprising to hear such from the lips of one who actively collaborated with the French “Euromaidan” and strongly denied the existence of neo-Nazis in the Ukraine!

For Galina Ackerman Putin is a truly inexhaustible subject. When President Medvedev was, she was credited with Putin conspiracy: “it is possible that in two years he will have to resign, or that something will happen. Or will be again changed the Constitution, after which it will be possible to hold new elections. (…) In General, we can assume that Medvedev will not be finalized before the end of the presidential term.” In fact, nothing of the sort happened. Next potential victim is already Putin: “I don’t think that people can deny him solidarity, although part of the elite could. (…) I think the scenario of a coup in one form or another cannot be ruled out completely even in the near future. In the country should be a group of intelligent people who have already experienced the effects of sanctions or can have them and not want to put up with the lead directly in the wall of Putin’s course”.

The Russian people support the President’s actions, and our expert fancies a coup. Maybe she would be worth for a while to leave Russia alone? In addition, she States that anti-Western propaganda in Russia is prepared in advance of the people taken by the West sanctions. Wow! The West, too, plays into the hands of Putin… a Little later Galina Ackerman sighs: “the Russians are afraid of revolutions and see them as attempts at destabilization from abroad”. Yes, as soon as they have the nerve to suspect in all the catch?! First, foreign experts wanted peace, and now claim that the revolution always good?!

In another interview with Galina Ackerman reflects on how to push to action “reasonable people”: “If the Russians will not be able to travel freely as before, and to use Western credit cards, if the economic growth will decline if they are banned from using the Internet… whether it is to raise them up? Take to the streets?” Finally, the dream of a lifetime Galina Ackerman: “apparently (unfortunately for us Europeans) against Russia will have to take tough sanctions to bring down the arrogance of the ruling elite, and force her to change the regime. While Putin remains at the helm, should be wary of his imperialistic plans.” These same imperialist plans, this supposedly made the order about the shooting of Ukrainian demonstrators and the desire to return to a cold war remind us that in recent years we have seen a number of very subjective interpretations of imperialism.

Part 5. People in the Donbass was “drunk carrying a weapon and ready to shoot”

Apparently, Galina Ackerman is configured to immense glorification of the image of the people of Western Ukraine in the form in which it is present ultranationalists (his identity has developed in the confrontation with Russia). This identity was formed under the systematic impact of the invaders of the time: the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Those who, despite everything, wanted to preserve their culture and Christianity, oppressed or even exterminated in the first concentration camps in modern history. This tragedy is little known in France, but much more in the US and Canada where you can see large communities of immigrants (ironically, ones descendants as those of the Orthodox, and Bandera, banished to the end of the Second world war).

To understand the situation in modern Ukraine it is absolutely necessary to know the contradictory and tragic history of this country, which our expert prefers to simplify and distort. Picked up Galina Ackerman chauvinistic ideology of Western Ukraine is the basis of the revolution on the Maidan. As a consequence, the real story of the people of Donbass has nothing to do with the one that is Ackerman, that is the propaganda version of the current Kiev government. You could even say that some racist revs give the spirit of independence: “With the Stalinist era in the Donbass has formed a special mentality, because he mined coal for industrialization of the whole country.” That is, coal mining had a major impact on the mentality. “People in the cities live there one or two, in rare cases, three generations. They arrived from all parts of the Soviet Union and keep its former significance, although now she has no grounds.” A categorical statement. These industrial regions still rely on labor. The expert wants to tell us that mines and factories are no more? But they are there. So why is it people can not be proud of their history? “This pride and the feeling of “features” are applied to the phenomenon which was inherited from tsarist times, but remained intact in the Soviet and even post-Soviet period: in this region, where all of life is built around mines and huge steel plants, where the chief — God”. That is, Ackerman recognizes that the people of Donbass was formed in Imperial times, although she often calls him by the descendants of Soviet colonists! In addition, even factories and mines date back to the Soviet era, it is not clear what mysterious forces affect mentality. Coal? The Soviet ideology? “Head-God”? Attempt to explain: “the Cultural model of the region consists in blind obedience to superiors, evil and dishonest exploiters that does not leave any freedom of choice to the employee. In Imperial times the head was the capitalist of the classical sample of the Soviet — red Director, which was forced to attain the Communist party’s plan, but in post — Soviet oligarch.”

Apparently, after independence and especially after the “Maidan” this situation has become the norm for the entire “Pro-European” Ukraine that forced to admit even the French media. However, Galina Ackerman gets the old song: “Life in Donetsk and Lugansk not to call beautiful: the air is dirty, the houses look ugly and are in poor condition, and good restaurants and services here much more rare than Kiev or Uzhgorod”. Mrs. Ackerman, you despise those who are below you in social status, or pretending to mourn the fate of these people? You do not hope for a reasonable peace Treaty, and quite ruthlessly say: “Kiev needs to win the war waged by Russia by the hands of mercenaries and local armed groups with the support stuck in the distant Soviet past of the population of Donbass”. That is, in your opinion, “stuck in the distant Soviet past,” the people deserves nothing better than war? You say, “I wish all this was just a nightmare and that tomorrow we woke up and saw the Pro-Western and democratic Ukraine”. However, there is one small problem? Rejecting the West portion of the population of Donbass needs to disappear… Because she has the wrong mentality!

And finally: “the Kremlin controls the hate-filled rhetoric in the media.” I think that is a correct sentence: “Galina Ackerman promotes hate-filled rhetoric in the media.” What do you say to that?