Who Makron: the media explained, what to expect from the new President of France

In the second round of elections, which took place may 7, defeated independent centrist Emmanuel macron, beating the far-right marine Le Pen. Five months ago Makron was an outsider campaign, and the main candidates were afraid that he would only take votes from it. Now Makron defeated, but he will have a difficult way of seeking support in the new Parliament (whose elections will be held in June) and the implementation of unpopular reforms, writes “Mirror of week”.

The banker, Minister and rebel

Macron, who is only 39 years old, was the youngest of the main contenders for the post of President of France. During this time he managed to earn a solid business portfolio, mainly which is his job as an investment banker in the Bank of Rothschild.

With a political past at the Macron harder – he has never held elective office, and his political career is limited only by the Ministry of Economics in 2014, where he lasted less than two years. For it Rules a lot of people criticized, because he opposed the policy s great experience and a political career. In Hollande’s government, the young Minister paused briefly, and left, and all the scandal and accusations that the government wants to implement reforms.

Right after that he healed the infamous glory from their former members “Socialists” who called it a publicity move before the election campaign. Macron have created their own movement “En Marche”, which applied to presidential elections.

Moderate anti-system candidate

More than the past 50 years in the presidential elections in France was won by the representatives of two classic games: the “Socialists” and “Republicans”. Because a lot of people interpreted the attempts of a young ex-Minister to try himself in the presidential race. At the same time, the country experienced high potential of the protest electorate, which was willing to support “non-system” candidate. The last few years a lightning rod for the electorate of marine Le Pen, however doubtful the success of françois Hollande has created a large number of “rebels” among the moderate part of the French.

On this wave of Makron, who calls himself “neither the right nor the left” looked like a convincing alternative to Le Pen. His economic program seemed like a compromise between radical reform “Republicans” and fears of “Socialists”.

The Macron voted residents of large cities with high income level. In this age structure suggests that the Makron was supported mostly by the older part of the country.

The political part of the program, which included cooperation with the EU and migration issues, looked optimistic. This gave Him the image of the rational optimist who believes in the “bright future”, but is not afraid to go to drastic and complicated steps.

Many helped the Makron and the transformation of its image from the “French Obama” and almost TV character in politics with a carefully constructed program. Back in February, when the Macron is already considered one of the main contenders for the post of the President of France, his positions on most issues no one knew and it was frightening. However, he managed to unite behind an effective team and to formulate a clear program.

What’s next?

The victory of the Macron in the elections was a relief for Europe after the success of Donald trump and exit of Britain from the European Union. There were also intermediate of the victory of the moderate forces in Austria and the Netherlands, but the French elections were a major test for the integrity of Europe.

But, while the Macron congratulate with the victory, the country is preparing for parliamentary elections to be held in June. These elections will be a serious test for Him, because his movement is unlikely to get many seats in Parliament, and almost certainly will not have a majority. Because the Makron will have to negotiate with other parties to form a coalition government. And then the President has not many alternatives: extreme right and left are with him in a tense relationship, and the “Socialists” do not agree with his economic program.

After the first round of elections has information that a group of Republicans, headed by françois Baroin, conducts negotiations on the establishment of a coalition government with the Macron after the July elections. Macron will receive the support of the Republicans, and the Baroin claims the post of Prime Minister. This combination may be the most beneficial for business-oriented economic reforms.

A Strong Europe

But the most important result of the presidency of the Macron will be a renewal of confidence in the European project. Already after the first round when it became clear that the Makron comes out in the second round, the stock markets and the Euro have responded positively to these messages.

Stock markets reacted positively to the victory of the Macron. Photo: AFP

The new President does not hide its intentions to co-operate with Angela Merkel (and if need be,and with Martin Schultz) for the resumption of confidence within the EU. Leaders will converge in all the fundamental issues from the refugee crisis to position on anti-Russian sanctions.

The latter is especially important for Ukraine, because any other candidate (with the exception of Benoit Amon) was threatened by the collapse of a single European position in this matter and the emergence of a potential enemy in the Normandy format.

Macron was not seen in the typical French political anti-Americanism, says to continue cooperation within NATO. But the most important thing is that the macron takes a proactive approach and tends to isolationism. This suggests that Europe may finally again be a second leader.