A few ways that will help to eat more fruit and vegetables

If you worry that you do not eat enough fruits and vegetables in your daily diet, here are some ideas for how to make your food more healthy. The first rule that you should remember is the freshness of the purchased products. The next thing is you should not buy vegetables or fruits with any defects or is already rotten goods. As well as products in shops or supermarkets should be located on the cooled surfaces, writes likar.info.

The fruit can ripen at home, this is a normal process. If the fruit is quite ripe, you should keep them in the fridge. It is also important how you wash the fruits – it is best to wash fruits and vegetables with a special brush under running cold water.

How to save the taste and useful properties of vegetables and fruits:

– It is better to cook them in a small amount of water. Thus, nutrients do not pass into the water, and will remain in the vegetable;

– If you cook, fry, simmer food, the less oil you add, the better. The addition of various herbs only accentuate the flavors of dishes;

– As for fruits, the best option of cooking is baking or stewing. This is the most easy and simple way to reveal their taste. Sweet tooth can come like baked apples with dried fruit and walnuts.

The secrets of vegetable dishes:

– Add vegetables to meat or even replace it. A popular variant of this recipe is the vegetarian lasagna. In it alternate layers of pasta, Bechamel sauce and vegetables.

Instead of fatty soups cook better potatoes puree and vegetable salads;

– Next time you order a pizza, ask to have the toppings added olives, bell pepper, some broccoli and sliced mushrooms;

– Complicate your recipes by adding a little chopped cubes of vegetables or legumes (carrots, green peas, beans). In addition, you can bake savoury muffins with zucchini or carrots;

– If your family refuse to eat fruits and vegetables fresh, don’t stop to experiment.The easiest option is to make skewers of vegetables. Sprinkle them lightly with butter and keep on heat until fully cooked (the peel should be black);

– Instead of meat put on the grill pears, pineapples, apples or melon. This dish can be served with vanilla or lemon yogurt;

– Involve your children in the process of cooking. Make the process easy and fun. Upside-down blueberry cake – an opportune fit for the event. Children will be fun and educational to mix the dough, add berries, and then expect the cooking process, during which they participated;

– Include in your Breakfast as much fruit. Bake pancakes with the addition of various berries or make fruit salad, tucking them low-fat yogurt;

Chicken salad will be more tasty if to add cubes of apples, slices of grapes, or red cabbage. In the tuna salad add the onions, celery and slices of red pepper. First and second you can wrap in leaves of lettuce, it would be a great alternative to bread;

– Replace fatty sauces, vegetable or fruit.