Attempted murder of people’s Deputy in Kiev the SBU revealed the details

According to preliminary information, the attempt on the life of MP was preparing for his state or public activities. This was at the briefing on Saturday said the Chairman of SBU Vasily Gritsak, UKRINFORM reported.

“After analyzing all the materials that we had – the attack was being prepared in connection with his state or public activities,” – said hrycak, in response to the question, what was the reason for the assassination.

At the same time, the Chairman of the SBU refused to name the MP, who is preparing to attack, saying only that it was male. According to Hrytsak, the data on behalf of the MP may be disclosed only with his consent, but it such consent is not given.

Hrytsak also said that according to some, two of the perpetrators of the assassination would still have to serve his sentence in the prison in the occupied Crimea.

“It’s interesting that both the actual perpetrator and S. D. he served his sentence in the territory of temporarily occupied Crimea. After that, according to our data, they went to Russia, where arrived on the territory of Ukraine. I think that in the context of criminal proceedings, registered security, will be investigated the circumstances associated with serving their sentences. We suspect that they still would have to be at this time in places of deprivation of liberty,” he said.

The Chairman of SBU noted the fact that Russian “specialists for such transactions” use the services of criminals – “one two trips in the other three.”

As reported, the security Service of Ukraine prevented attempt of attempt at life of the MP, which was planned and coordinated from Russia.