What the Republican party is waiting for today from trump

Washington. — Donald trump, first time speaker on Tuesday night in Congress, is one of the most unusual and unexpected the presidents in American history. Elections in which candidates showed very close results, became the strongest speech of the American people against the existing state of things, an expression of hope that trump will be able to find a way out of the impasse in Washington will lead the country in a new direction.

Trump can be proud of the people he appointed to his Cabinet, efforts to deregulation, which he began with the Republican Congress, and the courage with which he shake up the established order and the Washington elite. His decision to resume the construction of the Keystone pipeline was a victory of common sense over environmental Orthodoxy. And the appointment of judges Gorsuch Neil (Neil Gorsuch) to the Supreme court was a master stroke, which pleased the conservatives, and who respected even liberal lawyers.

I have no doubt that a large part of his speech, the President trump will devote three initiatives already under consideration in Congress. This strengthening of the army, the abolition of a bad Law on the affordable care finding a replacement, as well as the long overdue reform of tax legislation. And of course he will tell you about their proposals relating to the strengthening of the borders claimed by most Americans.

But President trump just can’t wait for the Republican Congress to approve the bills for which he acts. He would have to do something more. It needs to become an active participant in the legislative process.

In his agenda there are many complex and intricate issues that must be addressed for the implementation of the proposed initiatives. How much money to allocate to the Pentagon, and would these costs be offset by spending cuts on domestic priorities such as education and training of children in early childhood, biomedical research, and providing the population with clean drinking water?

How will Republicans to Fund his new health care system: preserving some of the taxes from Obamacare or, as some pundits suggest, imposing tax on health insurance plans of people with high incomes, against what they were before?

Whether permanent those tax cuts sought by Republicans, or they will gradually refuse in the end of the decade as it was with the tax cuts under George W. Bush? And at what expense will be provided additional revenues to the Treasury after such reduction at the expense of border tax adjustments on imports?

On all these issues in the ranks of Republicans, there is disagreement. Thus, a support of a border tax adjustment, however, there are many people who are vehemently opposed to this idea. To resolve the dispute between them can only be President as the leader of the country. And to solve all questions, Trump will have to make final decisions, take responsibility for them and to convince them of the correctness of the various factions within the Republican party and the country as a whole. The President must be a leader, and leadership will be extremely necessary to achieve the goals that he outlined.

I hope that the President in this speech and in future speeches, will pay attention to other initiatives. In the opinion of many congressmen from both parties, President Obama was unauthorized, and therefore illegal war in Libya, Syria and other Middle East countries. New efforts in the fight against “Islamic state” (banned in Russia organization — approx. lane) will require new sanctions Congress on the use of force. And President of the trump needs to get them.

To save social insurance, public health services for the elderly and the Federal system of medical aid to the poor, and give America a solid fiscal Foundation, we need reform in the system of social payments and benefits. President trump needs to take the case. Ronald Reagan did it with respect to social insurance and during re-election won in 49 States. And since all Americans have supported the President’s trump to invest huge investments in infrastructure, he is obliged to explain to the country where I would get the money. When President Dwight Eisenhower began construction of the network of Federal interstate highways, that’s exactly what he did.

Finally, there is the very difficult problem of illegal immigration. President trump rightly placed priority on border security. The previous administration promised to do it, but to achieve results and could not. In addition, he is absolutely correct in demanding to deport those who have entered America illegally and have committed serious crimes.

But this is only the beginning. When society is satisfied that the tasks are solved, the President will have to think about how to deal with people who came to the U.S. illegally, but here comply with all laws, contribute to the economy of the country and who gave birth to children who become our citizens. Over time, the President will have to deal with this issue, acting practical, fairly and comprehensively. Before any President does. Trump with his reputation for being tough on immigration leader can create a consensus.

The last two American President has tried to unite our country, but failed to do so. After each of them, the country became even more divided than before. President trump decided to act on a large scale in the hope that if he will be able to achieve your goals, he will be able to revive the American spirit and to unite the country not by words but by deeds. It is a worthy goal. And every American should hope for its success.

Tom Cole is a member of the house of representatives from Oklahoma.