Putin could be a pawn in the game of trump – Politico

Since the American special services have accused Russia of meddling in the November presidential elections, President Donald Trump have to refute the accusations that he is a puppet of the Kremlin. This writes Marc Bennetts in Politico, reports Inopressa.

“There is another explanation for the Kremlin’s intervention. It may seem counterintuitive, but in the absence of clear evidence that trump is “in the pocket of Putin”, not less plausible. What if trump played Putin?” – the author writes.

“Consider the version that trump deceived the Kremlin vaguely encouraging statements by Russian critical issues such as the lifting of economic sanctions and the recognition of Russian Crimea, and he did not intend to act in accordance with them, the article says. – In the process of conquering the White house he would have received, without any open requests assistance in the form of cyber attacks and fake news.”

“It sounds completely far-fetched and unproven? Definitely. But the same can be said of the often-heard assertion that the trump – the Manchurian President, each course of which is controlled from Moscow via coded messages. And the recent change in the position of trump, which had been favorable to the Kremlin, makes it more likely that Putin from the very beginning was a pawn in this game,” says the author.

“A striking transformation of trump from hero to villain ended last week when he promised to make the U.S. nuclear Arsenal is “the best deck”, to which Moscow responded with warnings of a new arms race,” the journalist recalls.

“The disappointment of Russia is obvious, – it is spoken further. – Is this the trump that seemed so promising during the election campaign? The man who praised Putin as a strong leader and roughly hinted that he would dismember the “legacy” of the Alliance? Where trump, in honor of the victory in the elections which they clinked glasses of champagne?”

Earlier, U.S. President Donald trump has promised to expand the nuclear Arsenal of the country. According to the American leader, the United States has lagged behind in this matter, and he intends to ensure that the United States was “on top”.