In Thailand, bear crashed, falling from a helicopter

In Thailand, animal rights activists have criticized the management of the national Park of Khao Yai, after being transported out of the Asian black bear fell from the helicopter and died during transport.

A young bear weighing approximately 90 kilograms, was wounded under unknown circumstances in November. After treatment in the Park it was decided to move to the province of Prachinburi, to release into the wild in the wild, reports the Nation.

Transportation were selected helicopter. Bear euthanized, but did not place in the cage and covered with network. During the flight the animal woke up and panicked. As a result, the bear fell out of the helicopter and crashed.

According to zoodefenders, the incident could have been avoided if the transportation of the bear was carried out on the car. Incorrect, actually, was the decision to release the animal into the wild, as Asian wild bears usually become accustomed to their flocks. Conflict with other predators in an unfamiliar place could be fatal for the bear.

In addition, responsible for transportation clearly made a mistake with the dosage of sleeping pills, which bear and woke up in the air.

Earlier it was reported that in Russia the bear mauled fisherman.