Pensions, bezviz and the ban of social networks: figures and events of the week


7-10 years
can be eliminated the deficit of the Pension Fund. This was stated by Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman during the “hour of questions to government”, when we presented the draft pension reform. Promised that the reform increased the retirement age will not, and the payment of the pension will depend on experience. The Prime Minister promised before the end of the year to submit to Parliament a bill that would make January 1, 2018, to raise pensions to military pensioners.

In the night from June 10-June 11
will come into force in the European Union’s decision on granting Ukrainian citizens visa-free regime.

51 MP
this year missed more than 90% of the vote in the Verkhovna Rada. This was reported on the website of the CVU. Among them the most representatives of the “Opposition bloc” and the “Revival”: 19 out of the 43 members of the “opposition bloc” and 12 of the 26 members of the “Revival” missed more than 90% of votes in Parliament.

200,5 thousand Ukrainian soldiers
fought in the Donbass, has received the status of combatants, according to the Ministry of defence. Since the beginning of operation of the insignia of the Ministry of defense awarded 38,9 thousand soldiers and officers of the APU. From 1 April this year has increased the amount of additional remuneration of military tasks in the ATO area. So, for persons performing military tasks directly on the line of contact, a surcharge of 7.5 thousand UAH. For those who perform combat missions in the second line of defense – 3,5 thousand UAH.

1228 468 physical and legal persons
now appear in the updated sanctions list. It has expanded largely due to the it companies. Ukrainian providers are now required to block access to a number of popular Internet resources and services. In response, some companies began to send their user instructions on how to bypass the lock providers. Head of information security office of national security Council of Ukraine Valentin Petrov stated that sanctions against the Ukrainian users for the use of banned Russian social networks will not be applied

37% and 85%
increased daily coverage in comparison with indicators of last week, respectively, Facebook and Google+ on the second day after the announcement of blocking the Russian resources. Daily coverage of the Ukrainian resources, and for may 17 in comparison with indicators of last week also increased by 32%, 35% and 36%, respectively.

13 thousand troops
including nearly a thousand officers since the beginning of this year signed a contract with the Armed forces. In 2016, the contract with Mat signed 69 thousand soldiers, of which 7500 are officers.

Increased by 80%
import of passenger cars in the first quarter compared to the same period of the previous year to 28.9 thousand units. This was announced by the Association “Ukrautoprom”. The total value imported over the three months of passenger cars was $416,9 million, and the average price per imported car decreased by $2 million and $14.4 thousand Reason for the decline in average cost was the fact that a greatly increased proportion of machines that were in operation. If in 2016 the total volume of import they held 27% this year – 42%.

513 thousand Ukrainians
reported on their income in the current year in the course of Declaration campaign. The total amount of declared incomes amounted to 50.8 billion UAH. 4% more than last year. Tax liabilities tax on income of natural persons amounted to 1.62 billion UAH. military collection – 226,5 million. The number of millionaires in Ukraine last year fell by 25% compared to 2015 year, but their total revenue grew by 13%.


To 2.4%
compared to 4.8% and slowed down in the fourth quarter of 2016, GDP growth of Ukraine in the first quarter on an annualized basis, reported state statistics Committee. Compared to the previous quarter, the GDP decreased by a seasonally factor of 0.3%. The Ministry of economic development estimated the growth in the first quarter of 2017 2.1-2.3 percent. The government has built a budget-2017 forecast GDP growth of 3% with an inflation rate of 8.1%.

1 billion cubic meters
of natural gas to Ukraine after the end of the heating season 2016/2017. has expanded its underground storage facilities, according to the “Ukrtransgaz”.

Under the 5.49% APR
The Finance Ministry on the ground in 2017, the auction on placement of currency bonds of domestic Treasury bonds were able to draw on three years 38,09 million dollars, whereas in the previous auction in December, dollar 22-24 month of such securities by $109.7 million was posted under a 6.35-6.4 percent per annum.

At 4.6 billion dollars
Ukraine in the first three months of this year exported agricultural products, which is 38.3% higher than the figure for the same period in 2016, reported the press service of the Ministry of agrarian policy and food.

About 95%
applied for a refund of VAT have been confirmed automatically in April, reported in the GFS. The money was paid by the February returns, filed in March.

Increased by 28%
the volume of Ukrainian exports of goods and services for January-March in annual terms, to 12.44 billion. The exports to CIS countries increased by 26.7% and amounted to 2.41 billion dollars to other countries – by 28.4%, to 10.04 billion, including to the EU countries increased by 20.9% to 4.53 billion dollars. Import of goods and services made up of 12.34 billion dollars, which is 25.1% more. Imports from CIS countries rose by 37.1%, to 2.54 billion dollars, from other countries increased by 22.3%, to 9.81 billion, from the EU countries increased by 17.6%, to 5.15 billion dollars.

106.2 million dollars
amounted to a positive foreign trade balance of Ukraine (trade in goods and services) in January-March against a negative balance of $ 142.5 million for the same period in 2016, said state statistics Committee.

Is 304.2 billion UAH
is the volume of cash outside the banking system in Ukraine according to the NBU. National Bank within the concept of the cashless-economy plans to reduce the volume of cash in circulation from 13.4% of GDP in 2016 to 9.5% of GDP in 2020.

The world

82% of respondents
participating in a recent survey by Swiss Bank UBS believe that the current period (without specifying the time boundaries) is the most unpredictable in history. Participation in the survey of 2842 people from the UK, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Mexico. Each has investable assets worth at least $ 1 million (excluding real estate). 76% of respondents believed that emotions now play a more significant role in shaping public opinion than facts; in particular, it is emotions that determined the outcome of the last election. 68% complain about the excess of information, which makes it difficult to make important decisions, and 72% say that short-term factors and risks distracting them from long-term financial planning.

110 million euros
such fine imposed by the European Commission on Facebook for providing incorrect data when you buy WhatsApp in 2014. Earlier it was reported that the fine could reach 276 million dollars, i.e. 1% of the global revenue of the company.

Grew by 2.8%
in the first quarter GDP of Portugal – the country’s economy scored the highest growth rate over the past decade, boosted by rising exports and recovering investments. Against this background, the yield on ten-year government bonds fell to 3,356% – the lowest level since November last year.

7 billion euros
external debt has to pay Greece up to July 1. Recently the Parliament voted for the new austerity measures. Without it, foreign lenders refused to assess the implementation by the country of the agreement with them and to continue the allocation of funding. The adopted law provides for the reduction of salaries and pensions from 2019, the reduction of social benefits, higher taxes and the possibility of collective dismissals of civil servants.