Whether to be a Latvian in the first place?

Last week it so happened that I was just joking around about Donald trump. In a very liberal-minded company, I expressed a very racist joke: “have You heard the latest news from Washington? It turns out that due to the fact that earlier the working area the President used black, first order of trump after the inauguration was: thoroughly wash and disinfect the Oval office of the White house!”.

The audience didn’t laugh and took it as the truth, and gathered one after another used my words as a proof of inconsistency trump mission President. Heard the phrase: “I knew that he was a racist! It’s support of the Ku Klux Klan and American racists!” I had to curse and to swear that it was only a joke.

Only after several times I swore that a story about disinfecting the Oval office is a fake, one lady made a joke to me. It would be logical if at the time George Bush ordered to thoroughly wash and disinfect the Oval office before to settle there. All we know that the Desk of the Oval office, President bill Clinton used to satisfy their sexual appetites with some young White house Intern.

The process that occurs in Latvia (and not only in Latvia) can be described as temporalia. There are people that interpret any move, action and utterance of the new President of the United States only as another proof of the inconsistency, stupidity or malice.

My example is taken seriously with a joke about trump is not accidental. Monday morning included LTV, which seems to be claim to weight the public channel. In the transfer LTV “Morning panorama” Karlis, Dagilis tried to convince the audience that the hundreds of thousands of Americans who come to Washington to witness the inauguration of trump actually came to Express their protest against trump. In turn, Linda Kalnina told that the representative of trump’s “the crier to Twitter”.

If you do not like LTV, switch to Euronews. Berlin hosted a giant “anticrepuscular” demonstration. Some interviewees told the person in front of the camera: she protests, because trump women robbed of all rights — the right to dispose of his body!

My God, less than two days after the inauguration, and the trump has already banned abortion in Europe!

Yes. Inaugural speech trump differed from the politically correct syrup, which was poured by Barack Obama.

There is at least a little familiar with what was said by Donald trump: “for Too long, only a small group in the capital of our state have received all the blessings from the Board, and the common people had to pay for it. Washington flourished, and the people did not receive their part of wealth. Policy received benefits, and jobs were liquidated, and the factories closed. Elite defended himself, but did not protect the residents of the state. Her victory was your victory, her triumph was your triumph. While they are in the capital, happy holidays, covered by the needy families in our land had little reason for joy.”

The prosecution trump free market principles was this: “for Many decades we have enriched industry foreign industry at the expense of American industry. We subsidized the armies of other countries, allowing us to decrease our military strength! We protect the borders of other States, not strengthening at the same time our own boundaries! We have spent billions of dollars in overseas countries, and the infrastructure of America during this time was running and outdated. We have turned other countries into rich land, with the decline in our country. One after another is disposed of in our factories to move production abroad without thinking about the millions of American workers who were left without work”. Trump called for in each foreign capital, heard the message of the new administration: “From this day in the future we will be guided by the principle — America in the first place (America first)”. First of all, replace of speech trump the word “America” with the word “Latvia,” and the word “Washington” on the word “Riga”, and then try to understand, protesting against what opponents trump. In that case, if trump really going to fulfill its political promise (“America wants the best schools for their children, security for their families and a good job for themselves. It is only reasonable and just demands of society”) and will succeed, it will change not only the world but also the distribution of power in America.

The coming to power of the trump means that it’s time to be responsible, and for Latvia it is past time to abandon the diligent following of US foreign policy. Let’s take the example of trump and will put forward as its main principle the slogan: “Latvia in the first place!”