Trendy furniture with your own hands: how to make beds and sofas made of pallets, tables made of tree stumps, shelves of boxes

The furniture in our country is expensive as swiftly as all other products. For imported beds and sofas depend on the exchange rate, and domestic — of the cost of production, which is associated with the price of electricity, gas, etc. But if the thought of renovation is not very good to save on materials or finishing, the furniture is very easy to do. Especially if the host is “friendly” with his hands and can make beds, sofas and tables independently, from a simple scrap materials. The more that the world design trends in recent times eloquent fashion simple styles (loft, grunge, IVF), which involves the furniture and accessories from recycled materials, and the simpler, more concise and more economical is the more fashionable.

How fashionable to furnish the house, we were told the interior designers and items Kamynin Maxim and Igor Musienko and design Studio AMD. So, the easiest option for the bedroom bed from pallets. 4 cracked, beushnye (40-100 UAH/PCs) pan put a mattress covered with fitted sheets. This podium is ideal for small apartments, loft-style.

Bed. Headboard this bed can be used as niches for storage.


Sofas, Ottomans, couches and chairs, as almost all upholstered furniture can be done using the same common pallets or boards. Of course, in the apartment with a claim on the classical styles (classical, neo-classical, art Nouveau, art Deco) like hand-made will not be out of place. But in modern interiors, minimalism, loft, grunge — perfect. The convenience of this furniture is in mobility and transformation: changing the configuration of the pallets, you can change the appearance of the sofa. By the way, most European interior exhibitions such furniture were presented by the leading design bureaus. So, you can not only change the height of the back or the size of the seats but to use a base or armrests as shelves for books, remotes, or put pots with live plants. Not necessary to use a new pallet — you can do beushnye. It should be thoroughly sanded, dry and cover with paint or varnish: the tray will turn from a stand under the load in the item for furniture. As soft elements, you can use the sofa or furniture or pillows sewn into the cover foam. Laid on top of Hutsul blankets or animal skins, discover authentic ethnic sofa. In the niche under the seat, placed plastic containers or books. Mini sofa or Ottoman will work out of the box, which are bolted simple legs, and put inside the pillow.

Mobile. Wheel, bolted to the pan, add dynamics and style.

The place of storage. Sofa with drawers for toys.

The furniture barn. The place to stay.

Poof. Box on legs for ascetics.


Stylish shelves and racks of pallets to and from various grocery wooden boxes or plastic containers for storage of small things. Because the trend tree, the best solution to create a makeshift rack will be an ordinary wooden boxes that you can buy for 50-100 UAH, depending on size. Since these shelves will always be more, the dimensions of the boxes choose, on the basis that they will be stored. So, for albums, and records better than large format, which dilute small niches for decor. Like pallets, wooden boxes better sanded and painted to give them the kind of shelves. Built along the walls of the plastic containers create decorative shelving for books and things. Mobile small shelf-niche easy to make, screwing the drawers casters for furniture. The upper part of this decorative shelf can be used as a table. Several pallets stacked on one another, you can use even in the bathroom, as a pedestal-the sink under the sink. And nailed to the wall with angle wooden ladder — improvised shelf for books.

In the wall. Storage area of books and magazines out of plastic containers or wooden boxes.

For books. Best rack from an old ladder.

Stored utensils in drawers-shelves.

The sink for the bathroom.

Functionally. And the table, and nightstand for decor.

Form depends on the size and work area of the pallet.


Coffee, coffee and even computer desks can be made of various materials that fall into the category of recyclables. So, put on the “feet” of the tray, covered the top with glass is a great computer table for the interior in the Scandinavian style. As countertops you can use leftover flooring or of the small cubes that remain in the economy after repair. Placing them in a wooden frame placed on wooden supports, will receive an original dining table. The stump, which is a lot in the spring where you want to locate, open lacquer, screw to the base 3-4 the furniture wheels and will make a beautiful mobile coffee table. What is interesting is the shape of the stump, the original table. However, the table can be done not only of a wooden base and rubber: paint an old tire a bright color, put on her glass and to get a table for the interior in the style of grunge or outdoor terraces.

A computer Desk. Wood and glass to advanced it specialists.

For open areas. Painted rubber — table for the street.

Bruski. Exclusive top made from leftover flooring.

Stored. And the table, and shelving.

Environmentally friendly. Stump-table on wheels.