Ex-assistant Le Pen, accusing her party of financial irregularities

As stated Nofri, “national front”, which Le Pen is running for President of France in 2012, hired him to work in the campaign headquarters under the fictitious contract of the European Parliament, BBC reports.

Thus, apparently, the party was trying to understate the numbers of the official costs of the election campaign Le Pen.

In respect of the “National front” already under investigation in connection with allegations of misuse of funds by the European Parliament.

According to the latest polls, marine Le Pen has every chance to succeed in the first round of presidential elections, which will take place in April.

However, the growing popularity of centrist Emmanuel macron, if you believe all the same survey should bypass it in the second round in may.

Held on Sunday poll Figaro/LCI showed that the Macron in the second round is ready to vote, 58% of voters, whereas for Le Pen – 42%.

As reported by the French media, Gael Nofri signed a contract to work in the campaign headquarters of marine Le Pen in September 2011.

“In 2012 I said there is a problem, we must do so through a contract of the European Parliament. I refused,” said Nofri.

Today he is a member of the municipal Council of nice, from the centre-right Republican party. Nori broke all ties with the “National front”.

According to him, later in 2012, he was offered a contract to work at the party accountant Nicolas Crochet, however, Crochet the office, he never appeared.

As reported by French news site Mediapart, the investigators found evidence that in 2012 Nofri received payments for 4,500 euros a month.

In the payment documents it is alleged were listed as assistant to MEP Jean-Marie Le pen – marine’s father and former leader of the National front.

“I never was assistant of Jean-Marie Le pen,” says Gael Nofri.

In turn, the assistant to the leader “National front” Laurent de Saint-Affrique, which refers to Mediapart, insists that Nori really worked at Le Pen “as a local consultant.”

A judicial inquiry is now in relation to the three associates of Le Pen: assistant Catherine Gzira, businessman Frederic Chatillon, and Thierry bodyguard Legge.

On Monday, the Prosecutor’s office of France has proposed preliminary charges against Chatillon, which is believed to have provided parties illegal loan.

Formally a businessman only headed the company, which had “National front” PR-services.

The European Parliament, in turn, accuses marine Le Pen that she illegally paid her assistant Catherine Gzira from European funds.

Similar accusations against Le Pen relate to the employment of a bodyguard, who allegedly also was designed to work through the European Parliament.

Last week at the headquarters of the “National front” was searched on the case about misuse of funds of the European Parliament.

In early February, marine Le Pen refused to pay on demand of the European Parliament, more than 300 thousand euros.

The party denies any involvement in fraud. Marine Le Pen calls the charges political motivated.