Donald trump reviews the Oscar nominees in the category “Best film”

“Manchester by the sea” (Manchester by the Sea)

The loser returns to his hometown state Senator Pocahontas Warren of Massachusetts after he burned his own house. Sucks! The longing!

“Arrival” (Arrival)

Illegal aliens arrive in America, and one brazen woman profukivaet chance to wipe them off the face of the earth. The longing!

“La La Land” (La La Land)

Two representatives of the liberal elite suffer a complete failure. Ryan (Sour face) Gosling is not that handsome. It would be better just went to the Emma stone and kissed it. The longing!

“Fences” (Fences)

Solid talk, no action. The longing!


Dev Patel (the Bad dude? It’s possible!) returns to his country and stays there. Nicole Kidman, hot last thing that goes in a terrible wig. The longing!

“Hidden figures” (Hidden Figures)

This is a story about some African American women who escaped from their ghettos and began to work for NASA, receiving too much government funding. FABRICATED FACTS! The longing!

“For reasons of conscience” (Hacksaw Ridge)

Mel Gibson is an incredible genius and a fantastic husband! Let already all of his opponents and the losers will survive what he told reporters. Mel never said he was perfect! Life goes on! The longing!

“At any price” (Hell or High Water)

Two real American Rob banks using their rights under the Second amendment. All goes awry when they forget that #Policyshield. The longing!

“Moonlight” (Moonlight)

A complete disaster.

Satirical column.