New member? Bad news for Armenia

The President of Moldova Igor Dodon said his country may soon join the Eurasian economic Union. Igor Dodon, who is a supporter of the so-called Russian or Eurasian vector and defeated the supporters of European integration at the presidential election, said that in the near future Moldova will sign a Declaration of understanding with the Eurasian economic Union, and then may join this organization.

The third of April in Chisinau scheduled signing of the Declaration of understanding between the chairmen of the Eurasian economic Commission Tigran Sargsyan and Igor Dodon. The next step could be the signing of the framework agreement.

On March 17, during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the President of Moldova was able to reach an agreement that several types of Moldovan products have entered the Russian market without customs payments. We are talking about wine, canned food and agricultural industry.

At the same time, according to the statements made, Dodon in a meeting with Putin has also decided the issue of migrant workers, whose number, according to various estimates, is approximately from 700 thousand to one million.

Whether Moldova is the sixth member of the EAEC?

In November 2013 Moldova signed the European Union Association agreement and Free Trade, then relations with Russia deteriorated. At the time, authorities in Moldova were the supporters of European integration. A few months ago came to power, the so-called “Pro-Russian” Dodon, who are now trying to improve relations with Moscow and was ready to go the way of joining the Eurasian economic Union at an accelerated pace.

In this context, the question remains, what can be euroassociation Moldova. The fact that the Association with the European Union involves the accession of the country to other customs unions. Among other things, it has also become the reason why the EU has not signed the Association agreement with Armenia since the third of September 2013, Armenia announced its decision to join the EEU.

How the EU will react to this policy of Moldova? What will happen to the Association? The question refers simultaneously to all the privileges, received by Moldova from the Association.

In particular, after signing the agreement, Moldova received visa-free regime, which came into force on 28 April 2014. The citizens of Moldova have the right for six months 90 days without a visa is in the territory of the European Union.

Igor Dodon invites Russian businessmen to benefit from it. He States that if they do in Moldova investments in the amount of 100, 150 or 200 thousand dollars, you can obtain the citizenship of Moldova and of taking advantage of visa-free regime c the European Union.

It could indeed be an interesting proposition for Russian entrepreneurs. Experts point out that, for example, in European countries, such possibilities are opened up after a threshold of 250 thousand Euro.

At the same time the question arises — if Moldova joins the Eurasian economic Union, has become a member of the customs Union will review whether the EU circumstance a visa-free regime, especially considering that a visa-free regime was the result of the Association Agreement.

At the same time, Moldova may be in an interesting situation with one side having an agreement with the EU, on the other hand starting the game with Russia, which can get some privileges for important goods. In other words, Chisinau seems to be trying to sit simultaneously on two chairs and it looks great.

In this sense, the Chisinau gets the opportunity to perform the role of a bridge between EU and Russia. What is wanted by the Armenian authorities.