The vote in the Netherlands and the fate of Ukraine

A year ago, when the majority of members of the consultative referendum in the Netherlands opposed the signing of the Association Agreement with Ukraine, I wrote that this decision — the problem is not Ukrainian, and Dutch and European politics. Many were not agree with me. In Ukraine, it is customary to blame the problems of their own state and to idealize the world around us. There were many comments about the fact that we are “not finalized” and explained to the Dutch that we were good. We do very little in order to implement the Association Agreement. We still have not overcome corruption and become “a true European country.”

All this had no relation to the essence of what is happening. Perhaps we could do more to promote Ukraine and its achievements. Perhaps we should not have to engage in propaganda to disrupt the turnout in this referendum.

But its main purpose the organizers of the referendum have achieved. They had to show the helplessness of the European Union and its structures — and they showed it.

When I voted the Dutch, it seemed to many that happened in an unfortunate coincidence, the victim of which was the Ukraine. But it was not a coincidence. This was only the beginning. Then there was the referendum on British exit from the European Union — is also a success for supporters of Breccia. Then the presidential election in States won Donald trump, who was an active supporter of this release and advocated the abandonment of one’s own country from multilateral trade unions. And now talking about a serious structural crisis in the European Union. That a unified Europe should meet the challenge — or perish.

During a protest in the capital of the Netherlands in support of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU. Amsterdam, 3 April 2016

We are, in fact, witnessing the last in the history of the clash between the supporters of global peace and isolationism. Why the latter? Because the global world with its multilateral agreements was a natural reaction to two world wars. It turned out that peace can be secured only by General agreement. And now, when almost seven decades after the last world war, humanity returns to the idea about the effectiveness of isolationism. Nothing surprising in this. And the new one too.

New became only the technology of war. In the third world will not be saved, no one — neither supporters of globalism, or supporters of isolationism. No one will discuss.

That’s why the responsibility was taken by the deputies of the lower house of the Dutch Parliament — Yes, contrary to will of participants of a referendum in their own country — for me, the first tentative step towards “recovery” of Europe and the world. If we can achieve a positive vote in the Senate of the Netherlands and the final ratification of the Association Agreement is not just saving the document on cooperation of the European Union with the neighboring country. This is a chance for Ukraine to find its place in the world where the idea of global cooperation and multilateral alliances to win an isolationist utopia. A world in which the danger of world war III will be eliminated.

If this world is not, Ukraine will become a ravaged outskirts of the neighboring country — the same country that today does not spare the financial resources and propaganda to undermine the global world, to destroy the European idea and the Euro-Atlantic solidarity, again to divide the planet into “spheres of influence” — well to war over these same areas, as without it!

In an isolationist world, Ukraine has no place. That’s why it’s so important for us Dutch vote, that’s why it is so important that the European Union overcame their problems. That’s why you need to isolationism in all its forms and interpretations — completely lost.