Freedom House condemned the ban of the Russian TV channel “Rain”, Ukraine

Non-governmental organization Freedom House that examines the state of political and civil liberties, issued a statement in connection with the prohibition of the Russian TV channel “Rain”.

“The ban by the state broadcasting channel “Rain” is censorship, which cuts the Ukrainians access to a selection of different points of view. At that time, as Russian troops occupied part of Ukraine for Ukrainians is vital to have access to an independent view of the events taking place in Russia, and one of the few independent Russian media who stayed,” said Vice President for international programs Robert Herman.

The national Council on television and radio broadcasting of Ukraine ordered the providers within a month to stop broadcasting of Russian TV channel “Rain”. This was stated by a member of the national Council Sergey Kostinsky. On the required step the office has gone from not recognizing the channel of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, as well as the broadcasting of Russian advertising.

“In particular, the broadcast of this channel administrative border between the Kherson oblast and Crimea is portrayed as the border between Ukraine and Russia”, — quotes said Kostinsky. He added that in 2016, the national Council repeatedly documented violations of Ukrainian legislation by the specified channel. So, it shows in the broadcast of Russian advertising, and journalists of this media illegally visited the annexed Crimea with Russia.

We will remind, earlier the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has signed a law that will allow the national Council on television and radio to penalize violators of the law. If after the fine the company will not repeat the violation, then within a year the fine is liquidated and warnings will not.