Forgiveness Sunday 2017: customs and prohibitions of this day

Today, the last day of carnival, celebrate forgiveness Sunday. On this day everybody ask each other forgiveness, to begin lent, which begins tomorrow, February 27, with a good heart, focus on your spiritual life.

On the evening of forgiveness Sunday commemorated the dead, went to the cemetery to say goodbye to their relatives.

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On the last day of carnival can bake pancakes and eat dairy foods, but only until the rising of the first star. At the same scraps of food burned or gave the beast, the dishes were carefully washed. At the end of the feast was solemnly burned in effigy, and the ashes scattered on the fields.

It is impossible to desire forgiveness Sunday:

  • The alcohol on this day to use is already prohibited as meat products.
  • Today it is impossible to be angry, to quarrel, to bear grudges, although surely they will remind you.
  • Forgiveness Sunday is also impossible to do heavy work, should abandon the cleaning, washing, and other chores around the house, but cooking is not forbidden.

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