In Polish mist: as Kaczynski is trying to harm his personal enemy Tusk with the help of the Smolensk process

Berlin — “he has reason to be afraid” — this phrase the President of the national conservative party Jaroslaw Kaczynski (jarosław Kaczynski), an influential figure in Poland, said on Thursday on his personal enemy, former Prime Minister Donald Tusk (Donald Tusk), who today stands at the head of the European Council. The day before the Warsaw Prosecutor’s office for the second time caused the Tusk to interrogation as the witness on one of those processes in which the investigators under the leadership of the Minister of justice Zbignevas Zebra (Zbigniew Ziobro) trying to consider again the case of the crash of the aircraft, which on 10 April 2010 in Russia, near Smolensk killed then-President Lech Kaczynski (Lech Kaczynski), brother of Jaroslaw Kaczynski. Then with him killing 95 passengers.

Since then, the “Smolensk” has become a key element of a big scandal, which Kaczynski for several years trying to put Tusk and liberal opposition “treacherous mugs” — a label that he recently hung on them. According to his version, the brother was killed not because of erroneous actions of the pilot in fog, as it was then after a detailed investigation established the Polish authorities, and the explosion of the Russian bomb. But Tusk as Prime Minister allegedly obstructed the investigation of the crime. In July Kaczynski brought these accusations to the extreme point in the Parliament, accusing the liberal opposition that she “killed” and “destroyed” his late brother.

Shortly after national conservatives in 2015, is ousted from government liberals Tusk, the authorities immediately opened a new process. Under the new law, the Minister of justice Ziobro, “Sheriff” Kaczynski, was also the attorney-General with decision-making powers, and since then, his investigators to literally turn over every stone. Meanwhile, dozens of victims and among them is the former President were exhumed in the presence of international experts.

It seems that national-conservatives now have a problem because it wasn’t discovered anything that would confirm the version of the murder, at least, prosecutors still do nothing about it reports. Therefore, the direction of impact changed. Now supporters of Kaczynski along with the version of the murder put forward another option — about the outrageous negligence of the then government of Tusk, which resulted in the impossibility to conduct any investigation.

It is obvious that the negligence actually occurred, and blatant. A recent exhumation showed that the bodies of the victims were treated with outrageous negligence. According to the authorities, dismembered in the crash the remains of the victims in many cases were mixed up or mixed. Often in the case of the President, too — in one coffin, apparently, were parts of several people, in some cases up to eight people.

It is around these egregious errors of the spinning process by which the Tusk on Thursday testified as a witness. Although the direct perpetrators, it seems, are not in Poland, and in Russia, because the identification and tracing of the victims at that time was carried out by Russian specialists. Then closed caskets returned to Poland and before burial would not open. This, according to prosecutors, the wine is then Polish investigators: according to the authorities today, they had to require the participation in autopsy, which was conducted in Russia or even time alone to examine the deceased after returning.

Now Kaczynski, saying that Tusk should “be afraid”, has accused former Prime Minister personally responsible for these omissions. His arguments are: Tusk was already dreaming of a high European post. For this reason, he wanted to avoid conflict with Russia because Brussels would not trust the top post in the EU to a person who is in conflict with Moscow. For national conservatives, it is important to discredit the Tusk, because the presidential election in 2020, he’ll probably oppose them. How dangerous it may become in the environment of Kaczynski showed the first interrogation Tusk in April. It Hiking from Warsaw Central station to the Prosecutor’s office accompanied by many hundreds of supporters turned into a triumphal procession.

This time Tusk urged his supporters to abandon such a meeting — obviously he doesn’t want to avoid accusations that he is triumphant “at the expense of the victims.” However, the President of the European Council did not miss the chance to use your morning trek to the Prosecutor for attacks against Kaczynski. Although the Chairman of the party and no governmental posts, but he’s got authority in the state. If his words about fear (even before the Prosecutor even charged with) barely covered the “orders from above”, an interference in an independent investigation? Tusk did not miss the opportunity to present the situation that way. The words of the Chairman, he said, in any case, “confirmed concern… that Jaroslaw Kaczynski dreams of justice which is in his personal possession”. Then he disappeared into the building, where there was an interrogation.