Editorial review of articles. “Sankei” proposes to develop an offensive force

Asahi requires to pursue a policy of carrot and stick

Since North Korea launched an Intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), the UN security Council unanimously adopted a resolution on new sanctions. Increased nuclear and missile power, Korea now presents a new threat level (White book on defence). This was one of the main themes of the Japanese Newspapers that offer Tokyo to undertake the training.

In accordance with the UN resolution prohibited to import coal and other natural resources from the DPRK, as well as hire new North Korean workers, but it says nothing about banning oil exports to the DPRK. The newspaper “Sankei”, said: “it is a pity that now Russia and China have not banned the supply of oil to the DPRK, which would be the most effective means. The government of Japan and the US should continue to demand from Russia and China, so they imposed an embargo on oil exports”.

Edition of “Yomiuri” expressed the following opinion: “We think that China, associated with North Korea oil pipeline, will not change its position. It fears the destabilization of the regime of Kim Jong-UN and are therefore opposed to restrict supply.” That is, the newspaper questioned the effectiveness of the resolution.

The DPRK has completely ignored past resolutions and continued to develop nuclear weapons and missiles.

The newspaper “Nihon Keizai Shimbun” said: “it is Important to adhere strictly to the UN resolution. The essential structure in order to control the smuggling and close the loopholes. Countries, which are already working citizens of the DPRK should begin to reduce their number”.

“Sankei” emphasized the importance of international cooperation and assistance: “the countries of South-East Asia, including China and Russia needed to cooperate in order to implement the provisions of the resolution.”

In turn, the Asahi concluded, “the United States and Japan and South Korea should develop a specific measures to get away from the usual model, consisting of pressure and protests. The administration of Kim Jong-UN needs to ensure its own steadfastness and show his people the political results that we have made compromises from the United States.” Thus, the publication offers measures for freezing its nuclear and missile programmes of the DPRK and demands that Japan, US-ROK pursued a policy of carrot and stick.

During the summit of foreign Ministers of ASEAN, which took place at the same time, when a resolution was adopted, many also supported the criticism against the DPRK and the resolution itself. “Sankei” and “Mainichi” mentioned the summit and called for more pressure.

Against this background, was published White book on defense of Japan for 2017. It had elevated levels of nuclear and missile threats of North Korea, which was identified as a “new threat level”. In this book, projected to increase the risk of deploying ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads, whose range will be Japan.

In this regard, on August 9, “the Sankei” said: “For the protection of people just one system to defeat ballistic missiles is not enough. Should possess the ability to strike missile bases and equipment, which are aimed at Japan.” That is, the newspaper insists that the Abe administration has decided, in accordance with which the self-defense forces would possess and offensive power.

“Yomiuri” (August 10) also demanded: “Perhaps it is time to constructively discuss the possibility of possession of an offensive power.”

North Korea has published a tactical plan that will be simultaneously launched four ballistic missiles that will fall in the district of GUAM. The voltage increases: in connection with the possibility of attacking Japan in the four prefectures of the regions of Chugoku and Shikoku will deploy anti-aircraft missile systems Patriot PAC-3.

The Minister of defense of Japan, Itsunori of Onodera (Itsunori Onodera) has noted that the attack on GUAM is the emergence of a crisis situation, in which you can exercise the right to collective self-defence. The “Sankei” (August 12) said: “This is a very reasonable statement, from the point of view of protecting Japanese people. In the face of military threats to the DPRK, who lost the right path, it is important for Japan to defend together with the United States, taking advantage of the right to collective self-defence”. It’s time for the Japan-us Alliance has shown its true value.