PHOTOFACT. MP Birch brought to the meeting of Parliament Iduna

People’s Deputy Borislav Birch brought with them to the morning session of the Parliament of the acclaimed online character Iduna. The corresponding photo he posted on his page in Facebook.

Funny character Birch had first planted near his work place in Parliament, then Edun has been on the podium of the Parliament. In the comments to the pictures even suggested that he asked the government today at the Hour of questions to the Cabinet.

The Deputy himself wrote that Idun waiting for a visit by deputies of meeting, in the hall very few of them.

“322 of the Deputy were registered in a sessional hall of BP. In fact, no more than 150 people. But Idon in the hall there. He, like most Ukrainians, waiting for the visit and the work of MPs. And is looking forward to qualitative changes from the Cabinet. The patience he has a lot, of time, what can be said about Ukraine”, – said Birch.

Help: Idun – sculpture of the Dutch artist, which is a gray creature with the head of the Northern sea elephant, the body of the larvae and by the hands of the person sitting in the waiting room. Later, this character became a meme on the Internet, symbolizing the eternal waiting for something.