Study: the people of Turkmenistan do not have any benefits from the export of natural resources

Independent non-profit organization Natural Resource Government Institute (natural resources management) has published “the index of the resource management 2017”.

The index represents the sum of the 89 assessments, formulated with 149 main questions, which were answered by 150 researchers on the basis of almost a dozen thousands of supporting documents.

Turkmenistan scored 11 points out of a possible 100 and ranked in this list are the penultimate, 88-e a place. Worse things are only in Eritrea. In particular, Turkmenistan and 9 countries scored less than 30 points and included in the category “very bad”: they are practically no base, allowing to provide benefits to people from the extraction of minerals, but there is a high probability that the benefit remains in the hands of a number of companies and government elite.

Huge sums of money received from the sale of natural resources contrast sharply with the poverty in many of the countries with rich reserves of mineral resources — more than 1.8 billion people in dozens of States included in this index, are living in poverty.

The data clearly show that in order to change this situation it is necessary to upgrade control system — institutional, political and practical conditions that determine how mining companies and the authorities make decisions, and interact with and affect the civilian population, the local community and the environment in which they live, according to a study.