How to become slimmer in 21 days: the TOP 4 core exercises

Spring will come very soon and it is time to take care of her figure and to bring it in tone. This does not necessarily run with the gym and doing curls with dumbbells regularly doing the right exercises and correct nutrition.

Doing only four exercises per day, you will strengthen all muscle groups and can become noticeably slimmer. And given the fact that habits are developed in 21 days, then after three weeks with daily workouts with the exercises you will be able to evaluate the result, assures Lisa.

Exercises of this complex involves the maximum number of muscle groups. And time is no more than 15 minutes. Most importantly in their performance – not the number of repetitions, and proper technique.

Lunges ago

Pull your stomach, step the left leg back. To go down until the thigh of the right leg will not be parallel to the floor, the knee should not go beyond the level of the sock foot.

Do 3 sets of 15 times. Exercise has a lifting effect on the legs and buttocks.

Deflection lying

This exercise well trains the muscles of the back. Leaning on her hands and knees, try to lift your chest. Hold this position for 20-30 seconds.


This exercise involves all muscle groups. Main thing is to keep the body so it was a straight line. Take the emphasis lying down, resting on forearms and toes. Pull your stomach not to SAG at the waist. First, hold a plank for 20 seconds, then increase the time.

Side plank

Especially effective for strengthening the arms and training the oblique muscles of the abdomen. First you need to lie on your right side, legs straighten. Then lift up the body, leaning on his right forearm. The body should form a single straight line. Hold the bar for 20-30 seconds.

During exercise, try to breathe correctly. Begin the movement on the inhale, and the power part do you exhale. By controlling the breath, you connect to the cardiovascular and respiratory systems and start the fat burning process. Most importantly, do these 4 exercises every day, and after 21 days you smozhete become slimmer and more beautiful.