What kind of sausage is eaten in Germany

According to legend, on 22 February 1857, that is exactly 160 years ago, the Munich beer “eternal light” was first served white sausages — Weißwurst. Today they are famous all over the world — and not just due to the fact that they eat tons of it at the annual beer festival “Oktoberfest”. Bavarian white sausages (sausages, sausages: they are called differently) is prepared from a mixture of minced veal and pork with various spices, cooked in hot, but in any case not in boiling water. Eating “right” with sweet mustard and salty pretzel. And, of course, washed down with beer.

Germany is famous for sausages (sausages, sausages). Traditional Breakfast or dinner here is hard to imagine without cutting. You can choose from the many varieties and types: cooked sausage, ham, sausage, garlic, liverwurst, language, blood… In what area of the country you’re in the menu of any German restaurant certainly find some local sausage dish. For the present German regional “sausage” features are inseparable from the concept of “small Motherland”.

Potato geography of Germany

Here are some exotic examples. “Bread with bacon” (Möpkebrot), is a traditional form of blood sausage in Westphalia, Munster and neighboring regions. “Möpkes”, that is, the cracklings, then blood, salt, spices and definitely soaked bread or flour — that is what is included in the formulation of sausages that are usually served with mashed potatoes, fried apples, cut into circles, and onion. Or simply eaten with bread, but always with the rye.

The name of the other sausage (it is popular in the North of Germany) is deceptive: in the literal translation of “Aalrauchmettwurst” means “smoked sausage of minced beef eel.” In fact, we are not talking about the fish and the meat. With acne this sausage combines only one thing: the way of Smoking. In this way on the sea coast in the North of Germany before had preserved perishable fish. Later, the inhabitants of the Hanseatic cities of steel and smoke sausage as well.

Ingenious hessians, once having decided to take up the case thoroughly, invented a kind of set lunch: meat with a side dish they have to cook potato sausage. Pounds of boiled potatoes, 2 kilos of pig’s peritoneum and 2 kilograms of meat from the blade to mince, add salt, ground nutmeg, pepper, chopped garlic and fill this mass of intestine. Potato sausages are boiled and fried (in baking dish or skillet).

“Bag” of Ansbach

For the preparation of the so-called “compressed bag” or “pressed head” (Presssack or Presskopf) butchers of Franconian Ansbach take pork, pig’s head and lean the peritoneum. Minced meat mixed with boiled bacon, chopped greens, and thyme, and stuffed them tightly the prepared stomach or linen bag.

Linguistic sausage

Berliners know a lot about language. Zungenwurst or linguistic sausage is a real delicacy, which is made from pickled pig’s tongues, boiled bacon, cracklings — with the addition of aromatic herbs and a special type of marjoram from Thuringia. Love here and especially tender varieties of liverwurst with different, sometimes rather exotic additives: pink, almost hot pepper to truffles and different varieties of honey.


This is a well known cultivar belongs to the category of gourmet smoked sausages. The original Italian title “Cervello” means “brain”. Once in this sausage really added to the pig brain, which is now replaced just fatty pork. Classical sausage, by the way, despite the classification of the species, not initially smoked, and scald with boiling water.

Franconian blue tops

As pointed tops of snow-capped mountains towering in the plate among the carrots, onions and celery, sausages, cooked in a vinegar broth with the Bay leaf, cloves, pepper peas, salt and sugar. For this “soup” is well suited to the famous Nuremberg sausage that is usually eaten in roasted form.

Hangover soup with blue tops

“Blue tip” from the middle ages was supplied by the Germans-southerners in the afternoon. Today very popular, they are at the party. Having drunk fair quantity of alcohol, the next morning the merry happy sober the aforementioned soup. They say that good help.

Another kind of regional sausages, pinkel from Bremen. These smoked sausage like fingers. Eat them usually very popular in Germany, curly Kale. Pinkelwurst today are stuffed with ground meat, oats, bacon, onions and cloves.

One of the favorite treats of the inhabitants of the Rhine — blood sausage Flönz, which made the once cheap and cheerful — from the residues. Later, all waste and scraps from cooking other kolbasti called also “plants”. Today, regional sausage, and flavorful, lightly smoked, is not only popular among local foodies, but also many tourists.

Brawn or stuffed stomach

Brawn, according to archaeologists, is one of the oldest sausages. The first mention of it Dating to the third Millennium BC. German Sülze is in the “classical” form a kind of jelly. But winemakers in the Palatinate region nourish particularly tender love to the complex flavors of this dish.

Options for making Brawn — a great many. Each chef usually has its own recipe. Stomach stuffed two or three grades of finely chopped meat, sausage meat, lard, boiled in their skins potatoes, soaked in milk bread rolls, add eggs, finely chopped onion, salt, pepper, nutmeg, parsley and marjoram. Stuffed and tight knotted stomach cooked on a slow fire an hour and a half. Then spread it on a dish and pressed Board with a heavy yoke. The stomach is cooled, cut into slices and fried. Served with white bread and stewed sauerkraut. Powerful dish!