“White bars” in an intense match I beat “Generals”

In the regular season of the Ukrainian hockey League, “White bars” beat “Generals” on the ice. The fight took place in the White Church on Saturday and ended with the score 5:4.

Both teams started the game without delay: in the third minute of the match, for the delay of the rival a stick, at the gates of Yuri Krasnopolsky was assigned a free throw, but missed Alexey Ovchinnikov. A response of “White Leopard” has not kept itself waiting – Sergey Babinets beat the goalkeeper “Generals” Eugene, Nabanco, his former teammate on the “Donbass”.

Feeling the courage, the players are the “White Bars” ran forward, and almost two minutes after the first goal, ex-striker “Generals” Kirill Bondarenko received a pass from Sergei babinec behind the goal, beat a defender and sent the puck into the goal.

The final score of the first period set Alexey Ovchinnikov, reabilitirovalsya for your unrealized penalty shot. Forward “Generals” threw the puck for 28 seconds before the end of the game, having most of their team after the removal of Yuri, Potseluem.

The second period was to the accompaniment of attacks “the White Leopard”. In the fourth minute with assists to Kirill Bondarenko and Sergei Logica, with awkward hands the puck under the crossbar sent the 16-year-old Elijah Senik, and after 10 minutes, this trio has widened the gap a brace Kirill Bondarenko.

However, two minutes later, “Generals” we were able to get back in the game, scoring his second goal in the majority – this time its author was Daniel Skripac, who was assisted by forwards, the first link of the Kyiv team Ovchinnikov and Kostyuk.

However, the account remained not for long. After removal of Yury Shpak, 10 seconds before the end of the second period, the “White bars” could once again sign at the gate, Nabanco: Maksim Razumov, not previously realize a great exit at the gate, gave a beautiful pass to Michael-Maxim Arlovskogo, who was left alone before the empty corner of the goal.

In the third period, the players “Generals” was released maximally charged, and then the puck dropped until the end of time who played Igor the Janitor – it was the first for the striker after the return of hockey.

The end of the third period was action-Packed. At first Alexey Ovchinnikov received a 2-minute penalty in 3:47 to the end of the game, and it would seem that the chances of “Generals” to win significantly decreased, but after 30 seconds the trains were equalized, when the shock stick was removed forward of the “White Bars” Kirill Bondarenko. The intrigue in the match returned to the Alexander Battle, a powerful throw from the blue line made the score 5:4. However, the hopes of the Kyiv team was not to be – “White leopard” wins the match, and climbs to fifth place in the standings!

“White Bars” (White Church) – “Generals” (Kiev) 5:4 (2:1; 3:1; 0:2)

Washers: 1:0 – Pews (Razumov, Danilenko), 03:40. 2:0 – Bondarenko (Babinets, Romashchenko), 05:33. 2:1 – Ovchinnikov (Kostyuk, Janiszewski – large.), 19:32. 3:1 – Senik (Logic, Bondarenko are great.), 22:41. 4:1 – Bondarenko (Senik, Logic), 32:32. 4:2 – Scripts (Ovchinnikov, Kostyuk – large.), 34:35. 5:2 – Jadlowski (Razumov, Danilenko – large.), 39:51. 5:3 – I. The Janitor (A. Janitor, H. The janitor), 41:35. 5:4 – Martial (A. Janitor, H. The janitor), 47:12.