What happened with the military, who recorded the controversial video about “Desna”

Contractor, author of scandalous video about the training center “Desna”, which was sent into service in Goncharovsky (Chernihiv region). About it in interview to “Obozrevatel” said the head of the training centre Oleg Mikats.

According to the commander of the “Gums”, the military wants to break the contract with the Armed forces of Ukraine.

“He sent to the Goncharov – continue to serve. It here no one touched, no one was pressed, and there he has supposedly blood pressure went up and he was sent to the hospital. But he wants to terminate the contract, saying that there he promised,” – said Oleg Mikats.

He noted that contractors who recorded the acclaimed video, was in the training center on 15 February. There are two combatants. At the same time, questions about the comparison conditions in the ATO and in the “Desna” Oleg Mikats called a provocation.

“There was a provocation. There is the issue of podvodkoj: “Mr. Shaw, tell me, tell me, tell me…” On this “fighter” we understood – he graduated from Moscow University. Question: where are his friends now? Was under investigation regarding the forgery and fraud are brought to administrative responsibility for poaching. Here different people are all not check. We had a couple of unpleasant incidents. Read more now I can not tell”, – said the head of the training centre Oleg Mikats.

We will remind, several days ago a soldier, who has signed a contract with the Armed forces of Ukraine, recorded a video message. A man complained of the unsanitary and poor conditions in the training center “Desna”. According to the author of the video, the video was taken on 21 February 2017, in a military unit 0946, 6th anti-aircraft battery. The military showed the mud, a form that is not designed for winter, clogged toilets, rusty old sink and cracks in the wooden Windows, and in the barracks – mold on the walls and old furniture.

Auto video also stated that in “the Gum” contract, which he already served in the army, teaching soldiers, who do not give the necessary knowledge and military officers are not engaged.

“This is hell! Guys come here do not! Just the state has allocated the money somewhere somebody stole,” – concludes the author of the video.

At the same time head of the training centre “Desna” Oleg Mikats claims that the soldiers showed one-sided situation, because the center is now undergoing repairs.