How Hobbies can help your career: expert advice

Not always a hobby to somehow relate to the main job. Ecollege can be opened with an unexpected hand, if you specify a non-business question: “Tell me, what are you into?” or “What is your hobby?”.

The experts of the International HR portal figured out how passion is reflected on his career and quality of life.

1. A hobby helps to switch from run mode to “rest”.

Sometimes it’s the only way to forget about disturbing the meeting, a difficult client, or the negative reaction of the boss on the project.

A competent employer knows the person who is out of the office and exciting experience, less likely to be tired from work, not burn out in the workplace. If the employee in his spare time is fully at rest, it is likely that it will come more inspired and with new energy.

2. A hobby helps to cope with tension and office stress.

Conflicts with superiors, competition with colleagues, delayed salaries and other troubles can permanently spoil the mood. But if a person is engaged in something interesting parallel, it is possible to switch and regain peace of mind and balance, are necessary in life.

3. Hobby is creativity.

And the more one develops a creative approach to the field, where no risks, no responsibilities, the more creative he becomes. And creative, new ideas, unconventional approaches to solving problems today most valued by employers. In addition, this employee will call the interest from the colleagues, because he is a versatile personality.

4. A hobby will help to develop skills and obtain additional knowledge, which, as you know, for him not to wear.

For example, a system administrator who likes to make websites, created for his girlfriend portal in needlework. Then learned how to configure the is after laid out some master classes. In fact, the young man at the same time “pumped” the skills of a marketer and project Manager. Who knows where it will lead him?

Hobby can become a new professional history. Many aspiring entrepreneurs claim that their hobby was already profitable at the time when the old job started to get bored.

5. Some Hobbies can become a source of additional income.

Conduct photo shoots, sewing bags to order, conduct lessons on studying of English language, to make short videos, do professional makeup – income from these activities will not be superfluous, even if they are a fraction of earnings in the main job. After all, a favorite pastime that can bring money is another ball to your self-esteem.