To visit all the presidents at the winter residence “sinegora”

The heady air of freedom, beautiful mountains and forests, and a good shaking on the road — so greets visitors winter residence “sinegora”. The path here is short — an hour and a half drive by car or bus from the railway station in Ivano-Frankivsk and to the village of Huta. But we must remember that loacted in Bogorodchany district of winding roads, bad paved, so those wishing to visit the Carpathian Paradise should not hope for European class trip. However, for the visits of the first persons in the “Sinegorye” a helipad is provided. Although the disadvantages of bad roads can be forgiven, because it is more than kompensiruet the beauty of nature, hospitality of the villagers and prospects to visit the house once all of the presidents of Ukraine.

TOOK SAMPLES OF WATER AND SOIL. “Feel how delicious the air? — the General Director of state organization “Residence “sinegora” Vladislav Livinec. — I do not want just to breathe and literally drink it. Today will be your historian and tour guide”.

The environment here is really unique. Therefore, in the early 2000s near the base of rest “Sinegorye”, which was owned by the gas companies, it was decided to build a winter mission for presidents.

“When Leonid Kuchma held the post of the head of state, the question arose about the need to build West of the presidential residence. Considered Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Transcarpathian region. But, taking samples of soil and air, chose this place,” says Livinec.

NEIGHBOR KHODORKOVSKY. The residence was built at an accelerated pace in 2001. Used to do this, 3000 people. Passed in time, which is not surprising, because the process was managed by legendary ex-Minister of transport and communication Georgi Kirpa. The finished object is transferred to the state property Fund. By the way, the neighborhood is a recreation center that belonged to the YUKOS oil company Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Each of the 10 years closed. According to rumors, the building wanted to sell, but did — is unclear.

Excursions. The residence of all the presidents to visit everyone

GET UP TO 5 THOUSAND UAH. “Sinegorye” is more than 10 thousand hectares of forest. The territory served by Sivulsky and Mezhirich forestry. An imposing farm residence, forestry and recreation — support about 120 people: foresters, Rangers, cooks, maids, electricians, etc. Salary — 3000-5000 UAH. And although, according to capital standards, such earnings are modest, local residents believe their income is not bad, because in the village good jobs are hard to find.

“The residence is a secure object and is under protection of Department of state protection (UGOU). On this site residence itself, the house of official receptions, Hutsul house, restaurant, tennis court, hunter house, guest house and other facilities. But the recreation center remains nerezine object, so staff and visitors can be here freely, without special permission of the state guard,” — says Vladislav Livinec.

Carpathian Paradise requires considerable funding. In 2016, for maintenance, labor and utilities from the budget spent UAH 8 million. In 2017 spending rose, as they say in the team, since increased prices, communal services, and salaries. However, if prior to 2014, all funding came from the state budget, but now thanks to tourists “Sinegorye” partially covers their expenses. This year recreation plans to earn 7 million UAH (in the past year and 5.6 million UAH). It’s real — here is often visited by guests, in the summer there is a children’s camp, pass conferences, the rest of the family of veterans of the ATO.

The Director showed “Sinegorye”. The Guesthouse Lodge diplomats

Weekdays: honey Yushchenko and Kuchma gatherings

The road to the three-story mansion of the residence passes by two lakes, one bred carp and other trout.

“Anyone can go fishing. But even without this is what to do: at the mansion has all the conditions for work and rest — more than ten bedrooms, a library, a Conservatory, a study,” — said the Director of the recreation complex “synigora” Basil Sapiac.

Anyone who has been in the residence, found the case for everyone. The current President of Petro Poroshenko with family was for Christmas in “Sinegorye” and sang Christmas carols with local children. And first lady Maryna Poroshenko together with the children taking the time to children whose parents died in the ATO. For them a tour and concert.

Different Hobbies in the “Sinegorye” was and former heads of state. Leonid Kuchma paid special attention to health.

“Every day, were able to walk from the residence to a favorite hunting Lodge and back. One way road is 3.6 km”, — says Vladislav Livinec.

Kuchma was simple in life, could brew the tea. And when came to visit the ex-President of Poland Alexander Kwasniewski, or the ex-Russian President Boris Yeltsin, after gosperevorot held gatherings in nature, could fry the RAM.

A hunting cabin. Here often visited Kuchma

Viktor Yushchenko was involved in bees.

“He spent time at a local apiary — it is worth a couple dozen hives. And honey from herbs — creamy and delicious,” says beekeeper Basil Kudlick.

Yushchenko and skiing.

“Here is a 500-meter lift, observation deck, ski km of track,” says the guide Svyatoslav.

In the apiary collect delicious honey

Yanukovych was the only one who was not very fond of “Sinegorye”. He was here twice: first looked in the main mansion, said to do repair to change the color of columns in the lobby from green to white. And gave instructions to build a guest house, the house of official receptions and a tennis court.

Hall residence. Green columns white

“The second visit was at Christmas. He lived in the guest house — he probably didn’t want to stay in residence after Yushchenko. And Christmas was celebrated in the house of official receptions. Tennis on the new court and players — has a bad leg. And hunt refused — not seem like mountainous terrain,” — said Svyatoslav.

Tennis court. Yanukovych has not played here for sore feet

People walking and leisure for families of ATO

13 years the residence was closed for ordinary people, only in the summer of 2014, the Ukrainians have to gain access to the complex “synigora”. Then, the residence opened for tours and recreation for recovery. Offer to live next to the President of Ukraine and liked the foreigners come here like poles and Germans.

“The hotel can accommodate up to 80 people, and there are 6 cottages. It is better to book rooms for a month. We come not only to see the residence of the President. You can walk in the forest and during different seasons to collect mushrooms, berries, herbs. In the mountains grow, for example, Golden root and Edelweiss”, — says Vladislav Livinec.

According to him, the rest in the “Sinegorye” is known and due to the low prices. Accommodation in 2-bed Suite will cost 300 UAH per room per day, and 3 meals a day — 150 UAH per day per person. For lunch — vegetable salad, soup, fried chicken, potatoes, juice, bread. Available Wellness: gym (35 UAH/hour), sauna (150 UAH/ hour), massage (65 UAH). Symbolic price fun home: the adult ticket — 50 UAH, children — 25 UAH.


  • As a budget holiday at the sea in Ukraine

Actively attend “Sinegorye” and ATO veterans and their families. This year for the first time opened a rehabilitation programme. For children stay is free. Since the summer has passed the rehabilitation course 1200.

“Family holiday in the hotel complex “synigora” is the best rehabilitation for our boys who returned from the East, — said Vladislav Livinec. — And most importantly, look how happy children can do with dad time”.

Vacation in the mountains. You can book a room in hotel or cottage

“Sinegorye”. Live shapes of wood

Forest world: big bear is watching you

In the forest fans of wildlife will find their Paradise. There live deer, wild boars, Martens, hares, wolves, foxes. There are rare plant species — bears, badgers, lynxes, ermines. This diversity of species is found in the wild and in fenced forest areas. If you want to observe animals, we must consider their character. The local wild boars are not afraid of man, and communicate with them constantly. And mouflon (a mountain sheep) fearful, hiding in the woods. To treat them better in the morning when I feed.

Mouflons. Wild sheep are timid, but every morning waiting for food

The bear is an amazing animal in the “Sinegorye”, need him to keep his eyes open. Four — Misha and Masha with the children Potap and Nastya — live in large enclosures. The perimeter fence is electrified, so didn’t get out. Somehow Mike managed to make a tunnel and got out of the cage!

“The bear saw me and started sharpening claws on the asphalt — a sign of aggression. There was nowhere to hide, the bear speeds up to 60 km/h, not run away. And the territory were tourists with children, it was necessary to divert the bear’s attention. When he came, I put my arm over his neck to not break, — says head hunting service Dmitry Rudik. — He tumbled down and began to tear the jacket at the back, tried to break me. The fabric was strong, but he broke several ribs and punctured a lung. Fortunately, colleagues came to help. The bear didn’t scare the RAM machines. Not switched it on the little kid who tried to tear the animal away from me. Then the guys sent him into the jaws of a pike. Feeling the pain, the bear let go.”

The bears have sent to the cell, and the protection of the enclosure intensified.

“I was taken to the hospital. Were not given the chance to live. But after three months I returned to work. Because I love animals. And even communicate with bears,” says Rudick.

Bear. The smile is deceptive