In some countries, the Ukrainian zarobitchane pay more

In the United States, Canada, and Germany, Ukrainian workers are paid two or three times more than in other countries. Most earn builders and truckers.

The largest number of vacancies offers for Ukrainians Poland, said content expert site Tatyana Pashkina. Due to the lack of people working professions in the country rely on Ukrainian migrant workers. The Polish government is going to recruit 1 million workers. At the same time, according to official data, in Poland already employs nearly a million Ukrainians. Migrant workers promise to improve working conditions and to issue visas for longer periods.

“In Poland the Ukrainians earn on average 15-20 thousand hryvnia. Nurses earn a minimum salary of 12 thousand hryvnia. More pay truckers – 30-40 thousand UAH. Offer jobs in hand-painted porcelain and packers, truckers, foresters, kuralovo and other laborers. A lot of work on the pipelines and sewers,” says Tatyana Pashkina.

In Germany it’ll be mostly construction workers, drivers, doctors and laborers. The salary starts from 30 thousand hryvnia. “Our workers start with Poland, but after a bit settled, try to go to Germany, where to go Polish migrant workers”, – said Pashkina.

Waiting for Ukrainian migrant workers in the Czech Republic. The country has professionals of the middle and lower qualifications. The Czech government on 8 February 2017 has decided to increase the quota for Ukrainian guest workers in half. In the Czech Republic the same job offers, as in Poland, but the average salary is higher Polish and is 27 thousand UAH.

Israel ride builders, maids and a housekeeper on a salary of 20-40 thousand. In the United States and Canada salary two times higher than in Europe. In the States there is a demand for construction workers, drivers and staff in hotels. The factories are paid from 80 thousand hryvnia, builders – 90 thousand, and the drivers 124 thousand UAH. In Canada pay for the construction of 80 thousand and 130 thousand UAH truckers, farm workers earn 75 thousand hryvnia.

The workers no longer pay attention to Russia, said Pashkina, due to the deteriorating economy and the collapse of the ruble. “Russia for migrant workers uninteresting, hiring laborers, but on a salary of 7 to 12 thousand hryvnia, few people agrees,” she says. If in Russia and across the highest paying offers, these are isolated cases. For example, there is a vacancy fashion designer fur products 70 thousand UAH, and the agronomist in Chukotka offer only 10 thousand hryvnia.

Judging by the answers to sociological questions, the flow of migrant workers in Russia continue to fall. Thus, 23% of labour migrants stated that they want to work in Germany, 22% in Poland, 10% in Italy, 9% in the United States, and only 6% said that they plan to work in Russia.

Recall, the main reasons for possible emigration of the Ukrainians called the proposal a profitable operation (28%) and armed conflict (27%). This is followed by economic problems in the country (19%) and family circumstances (18%). Completing the list of mentioned reasons for possible emigration, the lack of conditions for self-realization (9%) and political instability (7%).One third of Ukrainians (29%) stated that no circumstances forced to leave the country.