US attempts to prevent the silk road project

The main thesis that can be drawn from recent events: the US is trying to develop methods using internal chaos, terrorist organizations and coup attempts in order to the mission of world cartridge for the next 100 years is not ended.

As part of this plan should be understood and the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia, systematic and planned initiatives focused on the internal life of Iran.

Germany tends to be more benefit from the current situation, and take place in the Muslim world. That is what lies at the heart of its irritability!

The U.S., concerned with China, probably, have aimed all their steps, ranging from issues of ethnic identity and ending their moves with an eye on North Korea in the Pacific region, to contain China and the reconstruction of Russia.

The current position of Turkey must also be interpreted in the context of these events. We can even say that the period of elaboration of the deeper strategies through the use of the current situation.

In the middle East, the United States, apparently intended to destroy the state. The reason is simple! For monochrome unipolar world States in which there is a procedure to represent the problem. And when the United States for many years fueled the civil war, the terror and the people cut off from the modes, this was done for the present. In the future the United States will try to overthrow these regimes under the banner of democracy, through popular uprisings.

Yes, it is “try.” Because in response to this influential state in certain regions, such as Russia, will seek to activate its own alternatives. As a result, “civil war”!

You must carefully focus on the silk road project! China is using this project wishes to build partnerships with other countries based on common interests and not allow the US to use their methods. Because that is a way to win without a fight in Chinese.

Potential opponents of the US “” is becoming stronger. With the support of the coups and terror, of the United States, obviously, put himself in a bad light. Yes, we are in the midst of a war that goes on between the balance of forces!

As history shows, the silk road increased nearby States, and created new centers of power.

After naval supremacy, once made Spain a global force, moved to the UK, it has not passed and global impact. In the future, the mission leader took US. Now we are talking about new trends and change the orientation from sea to land. And it is likely that Turkey can be the main role among those who will win this war.

Efforts to capture Turkey in the framework of various stunts, from internal chaos to the negative events from the outside, are in the nature of “catching up”. And the intention to weaken Turkey in terms of this new order, not to leave her with alternatives like the U.S. support for terrorist organizations, we should comment on in this concept. When Turkey is trying to make waste its forces and to condemn to the internal chaos relentlessly put pressure on its fight against terrorism, continuously talking about the emergency provisions directly or indirectly support the coup, all this must be considered in the context of the overall picture.


Here in the USA, Germany, Russia, China and Iran — their calculations.

And the weapons that the administration is trump sells Saudi Arabia, is the fact that a war in the region became permanent.

It becomes clear that we are talking about trying to cause conflict of Arabs against Arabs, Arabs against Kurds, Kurds against Turks, Arabs and Persians. The goal is the same: to prevent the creation of the silk road and to determine his route!

Here works the following logic: “whoever has economic power, and will own dominance in the region.”

And the words in the spirit of “US support for terrorist organizations such as the people’s protection Units / the Party “Democratic Union” in Syria is tactical” — not that other, as the appearance that they “supposedly take into account the sensitivities of Turkey.” If you now try to imagine what will be done with weapons and rassredotochit terrorists after the ISIS phenomenon (forbidden in Russia — approx. ed.) will come to an end, then, no doubt, the issue of “gun control” will become a new tool of war under the control of the United States. And the project so that during the save of the atmosphere of war in this region in place of reduced in size and possibly disappeared States came in small controlled tribes, and Israel was given a new earth, aims to ensure that the United States became the sole owner of global economic forces.

You need to be alert to any fluctuations in the countries through which pass the silk road. You must eliminate all weak links that are able to prepare the infrastructure for coups and popular uprisings in those countries.

A situation of uncertainty with unknown consequences serving the purpose to destroy a major civilization, including the state.