Sleeper President Yanukovych: “Ukraine has become a wild country”

In fact, Viktor Yanukovych went underground during the protests on independence square in Kiev three years ago, but now he is again attracting attention. On Tuesday evening in Moscow former Ukrainian President told reporters about his letter addressed to the leaders of the United States, Russia, Germany, France and Poland with a length of nine pages. Chancellor Angela Merkel and “President Frank-Walter Steinmeier” will also receive this letter, despite the fact that Steinmeier has not even entered the office of the President.

Almost half of the eighth, when Yanukovych is in the hall of the house in the centre of the Russian capital. It’s a black pinstripe suit and blue tie in polka dot print. He is a rare guest in Moscow, most of the time he spends in the South of Russia, Rostov-on-don. But on February 21 — the anniversary of the bloody Maidan, and Yanukovych wants to remind that he is also still involved in a big game for Ukraine.

This evening will be a largely significant. First assistant puts on the table the letter to Trump, Merkel, Putin and Hollande, who this Wednesday should be transferred to the recipients in Washington, Moscow and Paris. Then ex-President says that he intends to respond to any, really any questions, because he is extremely interested in the investigation of the bloody events of 2014.

However, before proceeding to this part, Yanukovych says a long monologue. He again wants to explain why in the fall of 2013 in Vilnius, Lithuania signed the Association agreement with the EU and thereby provoked a rebellion on the Maidan. For this explanation it took him half an hour.

He says that it deceived the West. From the very beginning it was clear that Europe “does not need our goods” that talks with Brussels were disturbed by neighboring Russia, and Moscow in 2013 “in self-defense” has moved economic relations with Kiev at a lower level.

“Then we were right”

He also mentioned that because of this Ukraine has suffered large losses in trade with Russia, and that he, Yanukovych demanded from the Europeans to compensation for these losses if he will sign an agreement with the European Union. “200 billion euros, — he answers to a journalist’s question, it’s not more than what the EU is paying Greece”. But the Europeans offered only 5 or 10 billion, and in the long term. Then he had to “pull the emergency brake”. Seeing how bad today things in Ukraine, he can only say one thing: “we were right”.

All this is not new. But then it becomes even more interesting, because it comes to independence. Who, in November 2013 ordered the brutal sweep of the Maidan at the time when the squares were only disappointed, unarmed students? First, Yanukovych excuses, claiming that while on the Maidan were still solved in a peaceful way. Then changes tone when you answer a clarifying question and confirmed that were involved in special forces, but the responsibility for this lies with the former head of the security Council and head of the presidential administration. And oligarch Dmitry Firtash, who is now hiding in Vienna. These people supposedly behind him led own game. They failed, cheated, duped.

In General, he constantly lied, intimates the ex-President. Even the foreign Ministers of Germany, France and Poland, when they arrived in Kiev February 20, 2014, and “we, together with the opposition agreed to sign the agreement.” “I practically went to all the demands and concessions, which showed me the opposition, even at the early presidential elections and amendments to the Constitution, for one — not to prevent bloodshed, but all this from the beginning it was a masquerade.”

Yanukovych has in mind that the Ministers of foreign Affairs, including Steinmeier, made a fool of him with their negotiations and supported the “anti-constitutional coup”. And later they just got rid of — immediately recognized the decision of the Parliament, providing for his resignation. Steinmeier said that the agreement with the opposition met all the requirements, but it is Yanukovych — he broke it, fleeing from Ukraine. “No one from Europe or America all this time did not go with me”. Of course, none of these charges did not appear in the letter to appeal “Your Excellency Mr. President Frank-Walter Steinmeier” (eng. Your Excellency Mr. President Frank-Walter Steinmeier).

Yanukovych is trying to justify himself

According to Yanukovych, through the involvement of the armed forces, he would then hold power in their hands, he thought of the idea to create another Ukrainian city contraviesa. But this would mean civil war.

The events on the Maidan and the escape from the country Yanukovych and comprehensively describes in the letter to Trump, Putin, Merkel and Hollande: he went to Kharkov, then by helicopter flew to Donetsk, in the end fled to the Crimea, not far from Melitopol his plan was almost thwarted, because there “our convoy was waiting for a group of heavily armed mercenaries who were ordered to shoot everyone, including me.” The following becomes apparent: the man who even the Russian President openly hinted that he would never leave his country in such a situation, trying to justify themselves retroactively.

Yanukovych claims that he knows exactly who were the snipers on the Maidan, who let them into the building, and what exactly the house they shot at police and members of the special forces. But it needs to protect its informants, as well as legally to protect yourself. And then you hear the phrase: “I’m not everyone can say.” He can’t even name the oligarchs and politicians of the current government in Kiev, have met in recent times.

Six terms of the solution to the conflict

Yanukovych with pleasure, as he put it, would take part in the peacekeeping mission in the Donbass, in his immediate home, where now there is a war. The above-mentioned region, according to him, should in any case remain part of Ukraine, but to expanded autonomy.

In his letters to the heads of state and government, he listed six conditions for a possible resolution of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine, four of them relate to “the crimes committed on the Maidan in February 2014” what needs to be convened a special Commission of the Council of Europe. In addition, Yanukovych urged the inclusion in negotiations in the “Norman format”, which controls the execution of the Minsk agreements, the protesting party, representing the people of Donbass — that is, the leaders of the Donetsk and Luhansk separatists. Finally, as a sixth condition acts as a threat: in the event of failure “of the current Kiev authorities” of the Minsk agreement to hold a referendum on the status of Donbass.

About what will happen if Russia will not abide by the requirements of the agreements, is not mentioned — this suggests that treatment was agreed with the government in Moscow, if not initiated. A letter to Putin, by the way, three pages of text in short letters addressed to Western leaders since Yanukovych was expelled from what Putin knows.

Evening with Viktor Yanukovych coming to an end closer to 22 hours. Conclusion: a very confused man fighting for his reputation. About the past three years, he says many and too long, constantly appealing to the understanding, and sometimes begging for it.

What we learned: in the tragic events on the Maidan he really was obviously a puppet, acting at the behest of their own environment and far friends from Moscow. He — man, avoidant decision-making. In the end, it was one of his advisers recommends to go into opposition, because their own people want to finally relax. “Ukraine has become a wild country”, — said Yanukovych and hesitantly stands up. Otherwise he would speak until the morning.