How to speed up your metabolism: the TOP 3 easy ways

Watch your metabolism is not only important for health, but in order to keep yourself in shape. If you notice that with him there is something wrong, you can just speed it up with a little effort.

How to increase speed of a metabolism, and along a little to lose weight, knows Lisa.


Never skip Breakfast! Remember that the body that received a portion of energy in time, immediately go into a mode of accumulation of fat, which you so want to get rid of.

Be sure your Breakfast within the first hour after rising. Then you activate the thermogenesis – the process of turning food into energy.

Exercise in the morning

After the morning exercises, the body continues to burn calories even during the day. To reach this conclusion, scientists had to conduct a lot of research involving women of all weight and age categories.

Train with the extra weight

Do not neglect strength training! Every day you will burn more calories if you include in your gym program exercises with dumbbells.