Putin has made many promises to the Russians during the “Straight line”. Now he performs them

Moscow. — It was the Russian President himself Vladimir Putin. In the flesh. He stood in front of a dilapidated wooden barracks, where Anastasia Votintseva lives in a Studio apartment with her sister and three children.

The Russian President came to Votintseva in her birthday — he brought flowers, gifts and good news. Soon she and her family will have a new home. But first they will go on holiday to the sea — at the expense of the Kremlin!

This seems like a tale of the good king, the way it was intended. Putin fulfilled his promise, which he made June 15, when Votintseva was one of 70 Russians happy, request which he heard during the annual television show. This program, called “Direct line”, are carefully prepared in order to show that the head of the Russian state, which, apparently, in March next year will seek a new presidential term, understand the inhabitants of their country and can solve their problems better than anyone else.

It’s like hitting the winning lottery ticket of more than two million people have sent their questions to Putin, hoping to encourage local inefficient managers to ensure that they used their relief funds for elimination of consequences of natural disasters, built the promised housing or has made a long-awaited improvement in and paid people to put amounts of money.

And since the master of the Kremlin, like no other, able to overcome bureaucratic barriers, such calls bring results. On Wednesday, when the television camera focused near to a distance of 750 kilometers from Moscow home Votintseva, Putin harshly instructed the acting provincial Governor, his predecessor is currently charged with receiving bribes — for the new year to relocate her family and 11 other families into new homes and apartments. Putin then kissed her and handed a huge bouquet of roses and a certificate for a free trip for five people in Sochi, a Russian resort on the Black sea.

“But today you are my gift,” said Votintseva, not hiding his feelings.

An important part of this representation lies not only in the presentation of the gifts — this is the way in which Putin is projecting its power at the expense of “drop the responsibility on irresponsible elite”, as noted recently in his blog, the veteran Russian political analysts Lilia Shevtsova.

Thus the President, unchecked by the ruling system, whose leaders he appoints and dismisses at his discretion, may enter and save any person, without reproaches, caused by their failures. In a time when across all Russia pass the anti-corruption speech, Putin’s popularity rating remains above 80%.

And although recent surveys indicate that Russians do not like the work being done by Putin to curb corruption, they, apparently, approve of the way he behaves in relation to negligent minor officials.

Take as an example the head of administration of the Moscow region town of Balashikha, which is a shame was dismissed, after one of the women in his video message during the “Straight line” complained of the existence of a huge garbage landfill. The constant emission of harmful gases. “Vomiting, nausea — constantly,” she said.

“A message to you — the last hope,” said the caller informed the call centre Elena Mikhailenko. She also said that the city authorities give only uncertain answers.

It was music to the ears of Putin. After a few days, dump in Balashikha was closed. Although this event could well be staged, the emotions of the caller of the people was real. One of the most urgent calls received from Daria Starikova, suffering from cancer, 24-year-old resident of the city of Apatity, located in the North of the Kola Peninsula. First she was delivered to the wrong diagnosis, because by this time the local hospital was closed, and the specialists left town.

“We have closed the hospital, we closed the surgical ward, we have closed cardiology, she said. — Also us heavy operation, necessary tests are sent to the city of Murmansk is a five hour drive from us. Not everyone is available, and not everyone has to go.”

Although she asked for help “not for itself” and “for the city, for our citizens,” Putin said to her: “Hope, please don’t lose”.

Starikov was taken to Moscow, and now she is being treated at a cancer center. Signed, notarized and done.

One of the callers from the South of Russia said that the authorities had not paid her compensation for damage caused by flood damage. It “does not fit in my head,” — said Putin.

Another caller reported that she and her son live in an abandoned house, as the local authorities had not paid her compensation after her house in the Siberian village was burned during the fire.

“Strange,” — said Putin.

Shortly thereafter, the money to victims of the flood was translated, and the woman who has lost the fire of his house, got a new apartment. And on June 22, Putin instructed to check in these two places was carried out remediation.

So it was with a woman who complained about the lack of funding for the purchase of needed her medication so it was with the inhabitants of the island on the lake that couldn’t get clean drinking water, so it was with families in the Russian far East, living in trailers 40 years ago.

The Kremlin instructed to follow all these cases. And Putin, acting on the side of the people, promised to keep in touch.

“Andrew, we watch with you”, — Putin said to the boy, calling from the far Eastern port of Nakhodka and complained about environmental pollution. — Leave your details, tell me what measures have been taken and noticeable for those living close by, okay?”

But if nothing is done, it is not yet known what might happen. He might just be there in order to fix it.