Scientists have named the main difference between male and female friendship

Friendship between men can be maintained only if they directly communicate with each other. For women, on the contrary, such relationships can be kept at a distance. For this is enough for them to keep in touch with regular communication in the network, or by phone.

This was reported by British scientists, speaking about his research at the annual meeting of the American Association for the advancement of science. The lead author of this study Robin Dunbar of Oxford University, reports The Guardian.

It is noted that their findings, scientists have analyzed the friendly relations between the 30 high school students. After graduation, the former students have left for different places. Experts have learned from them, with any of the comrades they continued to communicate after 9 and 18 months after graduation.

According to Dunbar, women are more selective in choice of friends, whereas men relate to it easier. The study authors, according to them, indicates the existence of gender characteristics of friendship.