Tuck explained why Ukraine can return the Donbass this year

Ukraine can count on the return of the occupied territories in 2017 or mid-2018, if we manage to maintain the support of Europe and the United States. This was stated by the Deputy Minister of the temporarily occupied territories of George Tuck in a blog for the publication of “New time”.

In his opinion, if Russia will give Ukraine Donbass on their own terms, which are unacceptable to Kiev.

“Today Russia is ready to give Donbass only on their own terms. However, I am sure, Ukraine will be able to adopt the initiative and implement your script returns the occupied territories. I really hope that this will happen in the next year, high – to mid-2018. However, it is critical to retain the support of Europe and the United States,” wrote Tuck.

He noted that the support of the international community to help Ukraine and gave their results.

“First, we have the desire. The most important thing. Second, the support of the international community, and this should be appreciated. Unfortunately, in recent years, our irresponsible populists begin to say that the support of the international community does not cost anything that it is not worth paying attention to. It is not, it gives results, and essential.

New year’s eve, December 31, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko visited the Donbas with U.S. senators, where it was stated that the militants do not observe the regime of silence, which was confirmed by the recent heated battles in the area of Svetlodarsk arc.