31-year-old American died because of the desire to become a second Kim Kardashian

In the US, 31-year-old Latasha Bynum died after the procedure for buttock augmentation. A young woman went to the hospital, but it was too late – a toxic substance killed her brain, reports the New York Post.

It is reported that the patient felt a deterioration in his condition a few hours after the procedure. Seek medical help, she was urgently hospitalized. However, doctors were unable to save Bynum.


  • Students took pictures with the drowned friend in the background

According to the newspaper, the woman was obsessed with the forms of Kim Kardashian, and decided on a procedure in a clandestine doctor’s office.

Photo: Facebook/Bynum Angeles

Currently, Allison Spence, who made the patient an injection, charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Photo: Photo: Facebook/Bynum Angeles

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